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Thanks Jen!


I feel very sleepy today. Not sure if it is my poor sleep last night, gluten fiesta yesterday, or a little of both.


Run went well. Changed my route a little near the end because I saw someone on the path ahead that gave me the wiggins.


Meal 2: Lamb burger with mayo and some lettuce to wrap, a carrot, handful of cashews. Very lame meal. I have blueberries in the freezer that I will be eating soon as well.


Sipping on my sparkling water. Fighting with my computer that refuses to let me be productive at work today. *sigh*

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Meal 3: The pork recipe I linked above (so yum!), mashed cauliflower (didn't cook it long enough I think...still rather grainy)


Planned to eat some more greenbeans but they are so mushy and the color is gross. I just can't make myself eat overcooked vegetables. Any way I can redeem these that won't make me gag or should I just chaulk it up to a pricey cooking mistake and bin them?

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I don't know what GT Dave did to his last batch of Strawberry Serenity but the last few bottles I've opened have been borderline explosive. Yikes!


Probably shouldn't open booch bottles on my desk next to all the expensive electronics.

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I hate to say it but I think you need to chuck the green beans.  i would suggest mixing them into some ground meat with tomatoes, oregano, and garlic but if you disliked them that much then I would be afraid you would then ruin a whole nother dish!


I haven't had the strawberry GT's but awhile back a run of the Trilogy was super fizzy.  I opened it one day at work (this was while I still was in a flower shop) and the darn thing exploded all over a wedding bouquet I was making!!! I was very displeased but mostly because 1/2 of my $3.50 booch was now on my work counter and the floor, and I had to remake the bouquet :(   I wonder if it has something to do with how they travel as well.....who knows, the stuff is unpredictable.  Hope you didn't damage any electronics!

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That's funny because the other flavor I've had the most problems with was the Trilogy. One exploded while sealed in the bag on the way home. I had a strawberry one explode during bagging so they replaced that before I left the store. 


Lame on the green beans but I think you are right. I'll get another pound on Wednesday (if they don't completely change my box again) so I will be more careful next time. 

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I'm awake in the middle of the night again. Joy.


Decided to just get up and take care of some things on the computer rather than lay in bed and get annoyed about not falling asleep.


Tummy is growling...trying to decide if I should feed it.


Good news though...we got the apartment! I need to call the screening company tomorrow though because the gal told us our current residence was enough history but we got dinged for not enough rental history. I can provide much more rental history. So don't want to pay extra deposit money.


Ok, going to go eat a strip of bacon and try this sleep thing again.

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Boo on not sleeping well (me too :( ) Yay on the apartment!!!! and also Yay for bacon at 4:00 AM (even if for not sleeping!  I am actually going back to bed, just got up to make breakfast for the hubs and tend to a few morning chores, hopefully another hour for me :unsure:

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my green bean recipe (for next week): bring a big pot of salted water to a boil. add your topped and tailed beans. set timer for 4 minutes. Once the timer dings, pour out into a collander and run ice cold water over until totally chilled (even better, add ice cubes to the collander as well).


The beans are then perfect to eat cold right out of the fridge but can also stand to be warmed up quicky in a pan with some good fat.


you're welcome. ;)  


I hope round 2 of that sleep thing worked for you.

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Sadly not so much. Dozed on and off but not really sleep. Oh well. 5.5 hours of sleep will have to do.  :unsure: If I thought I was actually going to go back to sleep I would skip BodyPump and try, but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen at this point and this is my last chance to get a class in before the group fitness room is closed for a week while they refinish the floors.


Eggs, kale, bacon, coffee, fermented carrots for meal 1.


Supposed to go to Whole Foods for lunch with a friend today. I totally forgot about that until after I finished food prepping last night. But no matter...I'll bring everything just in case. 

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YAAHOOOO for the apartment! Exciting. 


Funny, last two bottles of GT I bought were plainly plain. I'd still drink it, but I like the fizz. Duh. 


Do you think that bread affected the sleep? 


I'm not sure if the bread affected the sleep though I find it suspect. It's also getting close to that time of the month and I tend to not sleep as well as normal the week before my period. Maybe once I start sleeping well again I need to test the bread theory again. 


I'm actually doing rather well today all things considered. BodyPump was great and I felt strong despite the sleep deprivation. I did get there early enough to be tempted to lie down on my bench and take a nap.  ;)


Had my frozen blueberries after class as I was really hungry and lunch wasn't scheduled for another couple of hours.


At Whole Foods got a 24 oz iced Americano and a bun-less burger with cheddar, bacon, avocado, sauteed mushrooms, and lettuce. I also got waffle cut sweet potato fries (and she gave me a lot!). I enjoyed every single bite of this meal! So far everything was worth it. Sat in the sun catching up with a friend I don't get to see frequently for at least 2 hours. So nice!


Drinking my sparkling water now and catching up on forums while I wait for things to download and build. Fun.


Also playing phone tag with the screening company about the rental history. I probably should have just gave it to her all in the phone message but it is a lot of information. 

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Yay on the apartment. I'm so glad you found a plac that you like. They were so smart to choose you!

I'm going to try missmary's green bean method.

I am finding with reintro that I don't sleep as well as I do when I stick to template foods and omit nightshades. Sad but true.

Have a fun day! Now I want to see if the WF by my house has waffle fries. I don't think they cook food like that, but then I've never asked or looked. I bet I think about this and go ask. :)

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Hi Bethany, probably too late but you could add the beans to a can of tomato and add some herbs/spices... Waffle fries sound yum! What do they cook them in?


I think I'm just going to chuck them and start fresh with today's order. 


The Waffle fries were yummy. I didn't ask what they cooked them in. I'm going to guess canola oil as I didn't have any violent reaction to them and I know soy doesn't agree with me. I do think they were breaded in some way.

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Calee - Definitely worth checking out. I got the fries at the Market Grill spot in the food court area. I thought all Whole Foods are set up that way but maybe not? And yes on the sleep thing...hopefully as I ride my own bike what does and doesn't bother my sleep will become more apparent.


Jen - Downsizing stinks and there are definitely things I'm going to miss about this house but we just don't have the time to take care of it even if it were closer in. Hopefully walking more and sitting less will do all sorts of good things for my mind and body!


I have a feeling August is going to be a whirlwind crazy month! Not only with the packing and the de-cluttering but things are winding down with the current Creative Memories (I'm a consultant) and my contract will end on August 31st as they prepare to launch as a new company. This means I need to move a lot of inventory and this is my last month to receive my discount on things I order for myself so I'm determined to get as many of my digital scrapbooking projects done as possible. The upside to this craziness is that I have customers scrambling to get all the supplies they need for future projects as the new product line is going to be a bit different and hasn't been announced yet. My sales volume in a single month has NEVER been this high before. Crazy!


Meal 3 yesterday was tuna salad and baked beets with fennel. I think I overcooked the beets a little bit as it wasn't as good as it usually is, but not bad enough to chuck the leftovers either. Stayed at work until almost 8 as I was waiting on a download and working on some digi-scrapping. Stopped at Target on the way home for cat litter and other needed items (and more nail polish). By the time I got home I was truly exhausted. I should have  gone to bed but I wanted to watch So You Think You Can Dance as their facebook page posted spoilers last Wednesday before I could watch the show (how rude!) So I watched that while drinking about 22 oz of water and eating too many roasted unsalted cashews. Had a square of dark chocolate before bed too.


Slept 8.5 glorious hours! I woke up 6 times though. The first time was around 3 am and I was awake for about 20 minutes, the rest I fell asleep quickly. So nice to finally get a little caught up!


Having my eggs, kale, bacon, coffee, and fermented carrots for meal 1. Going out for a tempo run at some point here. Would like to get the kitchen cleaned up a bit before I go to work today. It's getting out of hand again.

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Wow am I cranky and tired today despite my good night of sleep. Makes me wonder if something in my Whole Foods lunch yesterday was a no no. Or maybe I'm just reacting to situation stuff. Having kind of a rough day.


My run went really that was good despite not getting out until like 11. Eek.


Came home to a voice mail from the screening company. After shower and stuff called her back and finally got to talk to a real person. Apparently they tried to contact both our previous apartment complexes. Both were Archstone properties that have been sold to new management since we lived there. The most recent place told her they have no record of us.  :angry: The place before that she said she called 7 times and they never responded.  :angry:  :angry:  :angry: I mentioned that I had been a homeowner before that so she asked for proof of mortgage. My dad was my lender so it doesn't (apparently) show up on an official credit report. Spent a good chunk of time sifting through all the paperwork I have now trying to figure out which is the best document to fax her. Called to ask and left yet another voice mail. *insert a banging my head against the wall smiley here* I'm really starting to think it would just be more worth it to pay the extra security deposit. So frustrating when I have so many spotless years of rental history. 


After dealing with that I had to put my produce away in my already discombobulated fridge, pack my lunch/dinner, shred my (not really cooked enough) spaghetti squash, and drive to work. Forgot my spaghetti sauce so will need to go get some before I eat. 


People on the freeway couldn't figure out what fraking speed they wanted to go and were all following too closely so I missed my exit and had to go further out of my way on an already long commute. Gah!


Didn't get here until 2:30 and that is when I had my meal 2: lamb burger lettuce wrapped with mayo, sweet potatoes cubed and roasted in duck fat with spices (sweet and savory potatoes from practical paleo).


Going to have blueberries soon...just letting them freeze a little longer. 


I think I'm going to take tomorrow off to catch up on chores before we have people over tomorrow night.

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Sounds like a frustrating day with the apartment stuff and the commute.  I was super irritated at traffic today, too, and I know that it is because of the sugar bender last night.  Traffic was horrendous, but I am usually much calmer.  I hope your day today is less frustrating.

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Morning all! Happy August! I weighed and measured today. 183.6 = .8lb loss (from July 10th) Only saw a measurement change of .25 inches off my hips. No matter...I still feel good...still forward progress...and between introductions and not enough sleep I know not my best month ever. 


Meal 3 yesterday was roast chicken with spaghetti squash and pasta sauce. I had to look at every jar in Trader Joe's before I found something that had no sugar, canola oil, and/or soybean oil in it. I almost bought the 3 cheese blend as that had none of the nasties but did have cheese which I'm fine with. But I didn't. The chicken was just on the edge of being gone and the whole meal was kind of bland. Sad puppy. Had a bottle of kombucha after dinner and a larabar before bed. Managed about 7.5 hours of sleep. Woke up again around 4:30 and managed to fall back asleep eventually.


Received my copy of Against All Grain yesterday. Omnomnomnom! What a beautiful cook book! I need to do meal planning for the coming month today or tomorrow and definitely will be trying to incorporate things from this book and Everyday Paleo Italian Cuisine book. Yummers!


Meal 1 today was 4 eggs scrambled into sauteed purple kale, 2 apple chicken breakfast links, fermented carrots, black coffee.


Staying home from work today to try and get the house clean before our company comes over tonight.


August Goals:



  • Sticking mostly to the whole30 template with some exceptions. Going to go back to using pasture butter rather than ghee. Going to allow for raw grass fed cheese and/or homemade yogurt from raw grass fed milk each day. Dairy is part of the fertility protocol that I would like to start following.
  • Make an effort to take 2 cod liver oil/butter blend capsules before each meal.
  • Try to get liver into my diet weekly.
  • Try to get 1-2 cups of bone broth in daily (I don't like to drink it so going to have to find some summer soups).


  • Continue with my half marathon training program.
  • 2x a week BodyPump (none until next Thursday because the GGX studio is closed for floor!)
  • Try to be more purposeful about getting up from my desk and walking once an hour.

House/Life Stuff:

  • I'm going to attempt to follow Clean Mama's cleaning schedule this month: I've tried in the past but gotten behind and given up. Going to try again allowing for a catch up day on Friday. 
  • Be purposefully about doing a weekly cookup on Saturday/Sunday.
  • Start packing, sorting, decluttering. Would like to have everything but essentials packed or removed from possession by end of the month.
  • Work on my digital scrapbooking daily - would like to have as many projects complete by end of August as I can.
  • Sleep! Try to get back into early to bed early to rise routine. I really need my 8 hours! 
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Sounds like a frustrating day with the apartment stuff and the commute.  I was super irritated at traffic today, too, and I know that it is because of the sugar bender last night.  Traffic was horrendous, but I am usually much calmer.  I hope your day today is less frustrating.


Thanks Jen. I do think some of my crankies yesterday were food induced. I will say traffic is one of the places I have not seen an improvement in my mood about.  ;) Thankfully just 45 more days until I can greatly reduce the amount of time I spend in it.  ;)

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