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Physibeth's Post-W30 Log


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Good morning! So I got back late Monday night from a week long trip to Orlando! Managed healthy breakfasts but man is it hard to eat healthy at Universal/Disney especially when travelling with 5 other people. Promptly got a visit from Aunt Flo when returning home which is making it even harder for me to get back on course. Ugh. I went to Trader Joe's last night hungry, tired, and crampy and bought a bunch of stuff I normally would not have. 


I'm going to get back on track...already eating much better than on vacation and have done a cookup...just need another week to recover from my vacation. LOL

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Things have not been going well food wise. I was starting to get traction on the house keeping though. Then my husband brought these 2 cuties home late on a Thursday night. The orange/tan one is Wash and the Tortoiseshell is Zoe. They have been home with us for 3 weeks now and they are tiny adorable terrorists who snuggle when they are sleepy.  





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