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Juzbo - My last half marathon my average HR was 161 and I maxed out around 184 which I think is pretty close to my true max. That was a 2:34 time on a hilly course. I'm hoping to achieve something similar with a faster time on this next race which is a flat course. We shall see. I managed my 11 miles on Saturday with an avg HR of 142 in 2:11 so it seems pretty reasonable to me but there is that constant fear of bonking. I keep waffling between going for the race at the pace my training program suggests which would give me a 2:16 finish and going conservative and aiming for 2:29 which would give me my goal. Still not sure. Have about a month to decide. Nice job on you 6k today!

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Good morning! Rest of my day yesterday was lovely.


Meal 3 was the grilled chicken thighs from Well Fed, mashed cauliflower with butter and garlic salt, salad with homemade vinaigrette. Had a small piece of sea salt dark chocolate when I got home from work. Had a bottle of kombucha in the afternoon.


Our Pathfinder game went well though most of the evening was consumed by a single nasty fight that most of us spellcasters felt fairly useless in. But it all turned out well. Got the kitchen cleaned up while everyone was still milling around and then put myself to bed.


Much better sleep last night! Still only 6.75 hours because of how late people left but I feel asleep almost as soon as I put the kindle away and turned out the lights and had some good solid deep sleep. Woke up once around 1:30 and than slept through the rest of the night waking just before my alarm to close the black out shades (it was too hot last night to have them closed).


 Will have a rest day today as the GGX room is still closed. Looking forward to Thursday and getting back to Body Pump!


Meal 1 is the normal - eggs, kale, bacon, carrots, coffee.

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Meant to add that another of my pre-ordered cookbooks arrived yesterday: "Paleo Lunches and Breakfasts on the Go"


Flipped through it last night and lots of tasty looking options. Sad that not every recipe has a picture but many do. Lots of great lettuce wrap ideas. 


I also received shipping notice for "Fermented: A Four Season Approach to Paleo Probiotic Foods" which I should get today or tomorrow and I'm rather excited about. I really need to start doing some of this stuff myself to save money on the food budget. I have a cabbage in my fridge that just needs to turn into kraut soon and I'm getting 5 lbs of pickling cucumbers tomorrow with my box. 

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I just saw that book in nom nom's dorky Friday yesterday! Enjoy.

I am inspired by your running Bethany... You are doing great. No hills will help your time a lot! If you do bonk (love that American expression, we don't have it here), how far into the run does it usually happen?


Depends on the reason. In April I bonked around mile 7 because I didn't take the weather/elevation into account and adjust my pace accordingly. I went for my target pace even though my HR was well in the anerobic zone from mile 1. I didn't understand the HR zone stuff then but now that I do I feel like I'm training more effectively.


In my June race I think my bonk was actually mental around mile 10. I was actually doing quite fine but I let myself walk when I probably should have just pushed through it thinking I could just make up the time in the last mile. That said if I had started at a more conservative pace I probably could have finished in my target time but I may have wondered if I could have done more. 

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Rest of my day yesterday went well and was productive. 


Meal 2 was 2 grass fed burgers with cheese, mayo, and mustard, pickles, sweet and savory potatoes (practical paleo)

Meal 3 was tuna with mayo, carrots, and blueberries

Had a piece of dark chocolate with sea salt.


Made some progress on a frustrating work project, made some progress on my digital scrapbooking, got all my chores done and started going through my kitchen stuff to weed out things I can donate/sell. 


Reward for my hard work was watching So You Think You Can Dance. 


Bed a little later than I like...fell asleep quickly and slept hard until around 1:30 again and then slept for the most part until 5:30 when I got up to close the black out shades and couldn't quite go back to sleep. Got  up with my alarm at 6 for a total of 6.25 hours of sleep. I think this forcing myself up at 6 is paying off as I'm falling asleep/staying asleep better. Just need to get myself to bed earlier now. 


Starting my morning with 2 fried eggs, coffee, and some slices of raw cheddar. Going for a 5 mile easy run. All my food is already prepped for today so goal while I'm waiting for my produce is to get the house vacuumed. 


We had our landlords add the landscaping service back in as well for the last 2 months and they come for the first time today. Not really an expense we wanted but we don't have time between getting ready to move and work.

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Run done and whole house vacuumed and cat boxes scooped and 10 minutes spent sorting through kitchen stuff.


Vacuuming was like an entire 2nd workout! I should have just rinsed off after my run, put on clean workout clothes, and showered after vacuuming. I had to change my clothes I was so gross.


Had the 2nd half of meal 1 between running and chores. 2 fried eggs, 1/2 acorn squash with coconut butter and raisins, more coffee.


Produce is being delivered now so will put that away and then get myself to work. 

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Good job(s) Bethany.

I once wore my HRM when I vacuumed and worked out it was 50% of a gym class in calories burned! So yes, definitely counts as a workout.

I am also trying to make my wake up time consistent 515/530 even when not exercising first thing. Certainly makes it easier to get out of bed, and I notice too I feel more ready for bed at night.

Have a great day.

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Good morning! Rest of the day went well. I solved to work problems I've been focusing on for a while now so that made me happy.


Meal 2: lamb burger lettuce wrapped with mayo, sweet and savory potatoes, pickles, small apricot and small shiloh gold plum.


Meal 3: more of the pork roast I made last week (I had put half in the freezer) over zoodles with a dab of mayo, blueberries


Hindsight I probably ate too much fruit yesterday. 


Community group was a potluck bbq but I just ate before and spent the time socializing. Stayed way too late. Found out the GGX studio is still closed because it has been too humid for the floors to finish drying. Boo! No pump for me tonight.


Was very ready to sleep last night but my husband was in a cuddly mood so made it harder...I'm not a cuddly sleeper...I need freedom of movement. Woke up just before 2 with cramps to find my monthly visitor. Joy. Probably the worst cramps I've had since going paleo. Not sure why. Still not the worst I've had ever though. Took 2 Tylenol and slept most of the rest of the night with some weird dreams. Hit the snooze button 4 or 5 times so didn't get up until almost 7. Eeked out 7 hours of sleep but don't particularly feel rested. 


Going for a 4 mile run today as scheduled. Won't stress if the target pace is lower. I know going out to exercise will help me feel better. Kind of angry to get it this weekend because it is the Seattle Lindy Exchange and I'm going to be dancing the better part of the weekend. Glad though to have first day today and not tomorrow though so hopefully the worst of it will be over. Need to ingest extra water today as I'm feeling a bit dehydrated too.

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I know I've been eating more fruit that I should per W30 rules, but it is summer, so as long as I'm not eating it as "dessert" I'm rolling with it.  Good fruit isn't around very long!  Enjoy your run.  I'm going to Zumba tonight!

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True that Jen!


Run went well...I took it easy and ended up with an average pace 1 second slower than yesterday but still faster than my goal.


Got into work to find my computer is freaking out on me. Yay. Looks like I might need a new video card. *sigh* My payback for having a productive day yesterday? Doing a virus scan now for good measure than will try a few other things. Eating lunch and on my personal laptop for now.


Meal 1 was the same as yesterday except I had a small piece of bacon instead of the cheese with my before run eggs. 

Meal 2 is 2 grassfed burgers with raw cheddar, mayo, mustard, lettuce wrapped. Sweet and savory potatoes and pickles on the side.

Meal 3 will be tuna with mayo, lemon cucumber (a first for me), and carrots. 


I have 2 pieces of fruit in my bag...a peach and an apple.

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Good morning!


Yesterday kind of went off the rails (not food wise) at the end there. Had my peach with meal 3 and everything else was as planned. Had a grande iced Americano while waiting for my car's oil change. Need to get brakes done next week. Joy. Virus scan took until 6 pm to finish and found nothing. Boss purchased a new video card for me and left it on my desk. Couldn't figure out how to get the old one out so texted my husband. He came over after work (8:45 pm) and got it all fixed up for me. My hero! In all my spare time got all my meals planned out (for the most part) for the month but by the time we were done with the computer didn't have time to go grocery shopping. Going to have to postpone my big shopping trip again. Got home really late so went to bed. Let myself sleep in today as I'm going to be up really really late tonight. Going to finish off chores that didn't get done yesterday this morning and then stop at the grocery store on the way to work to get what I need to get through the weekend and Monday. Trying to decide if I should leave it in the work fridge and retrieve it on the way home from dancing tonight or if I can put enough cold packs in my big thermal to just leave it in my car tonight. It's been very warm in the days but it usually cools down to the 60s at night and my thermals are very good quality. Thoughts?


Meal 1: bacon, eggs, kale, raw cheddar, coffee, raw fermented carrots


Now that I did all that planning I'm starting to rethink the whole buying meat for the month in one trip plan. I won't be able to do that once we move as our fridge/freezer will be smaller. My friend told me that if I save all my receipts for the month I can take my 10% coupon in and have them take it off the highest receipt. It won't be as big savings in the end but I'm wondering if planning around the produce I get instead of trying to make the produce work around the proteins I've planned would work out better long term. Right now I get produce on Wednesday which makes it a little awkward. Hmmmm. Not sure what I'm going to do for produce when I move. I won't be able to get deliveries from this farm any more. :-( But I will be very close to a more standard CSA with a Fri/Sa pickup. Not sure if it will be too much produce though. So many things to consider.

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I usually leave my groceries in a cooler in the car during the work day.  I just bring in stuff that needs to go into the freezer.  So, depending on what you're getting an how many ice packs you have, you may be able to leave your stuff in the car during dance. 


We get a standard size CSA box every week.  Even though there are 4 of us, frankly, I eat most of it myself!  I'm certain we could go through a standard box even if the kids didn't eat any of it!  Especially if I'm eating veggies for all three meals and rarely eating out.  I have three freezers, though, so I also can freeze anything I can't use in a week. 

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Thanks for the advice Jen. I think I'm going to be ok with it in the car. I brought it in to the office and shoved it in the fridge. Leaving around 6:30 and getting home between 2 and 6 am depending on how long I last at the dance but the temp should drop as soon as the sun goes down as it is clear. The cooler has 3 dozen eggs, ground lamb, chicken thighs, italian sausage, and orange juice in it right now. Will add my mayo and the rest of my hot dogs from my lunch cooler and add that cold pack in there too. I have two big ones and a medium one.


I think if I planned better I could totally use of a CSA box every week. That is why I'm contemplating changing up the way I meal plan to revolve around my veggies even though it may cost me more. I wish we had room for a freezer. Buying my meat in bulk would save me a lot of money! Getting my kombucha brewing and making my own fermented veggies will help too. Though GT is on sale at my store right now. Under $3 a bottle! I only bought 1 today but will stock up when I go back on Monday.


Got lots of chores down this morning. Yay! Didn't get out of the house until around 1 and was so hungry by the time I got to the store. Ate most of a bag of dried mangos from store to work. I regret that a little as I'm feeling a bit more sleepy now. 


Meal 2 was 4 grass fed hot dogs with mayo and mustard, 2 pickles, sweet and savory potatoes. Finished the bag of mangos after lunch.  :ph34r:


For meal 3 I have the last of my pork roast, mashed cauliflower, and green beans.

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Yes, you have to start brewing booch!  It's a huge money saver if you're going to drink it anyway.  And it's so easy once you get going.  In the summer, I plan all of my meals around my CSA box.  I enjoy it and consider it a challege.  I admit, though, that by fall, I'm kind or relieved when it's over and I can make what I want when I want.  By June, though, I'm always ready to go again!

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Good morning (almost afternoon)! Last night was super fun though hot and exhausting as well!


Ate my planned meal 3 minus the green beans...wasn't hungry enough for them. Had most of a bottle of booch in the afternoon and a large bottle of mineral water.


Went to a friends Thirty-One party and ate 6-8 organic jelly beans. That was probably a mistake but all the ingredients were natural and organic.


The bands at both dances were amazing! Had great dances at the evening dance despite the heat. Stuck it out in my little wedges even though my feet were kind of whining about them near the end of the dance.


Ate a larabar and drove to a 24 hour Starbucks and got an Iced Americano and a bottle of water. Got a little confused trying to find the late night venue. I had not been there in about 4 years and the web site had the wrong address on it. Did finally get there. Sadly the floor was very sticky so I was having trouble dancing in my Toms. I will bring my hard leather bottom shoes tonight but that means wearing jeans as they will look silly with a skirt (men's shoes). Also my tummy wasn't too happy last night. I think I need to hydrate better. 


Got home a little after 4 am, put my groceries away, ate a piece of bacon and a slice of raw cheddar, took a quick shower, and got about 5 hours of sleep. Would have liked to sleep another hour but couldn't get back to sleep.


Meal 1 with my normal eggs, kale, raw cheddar, bacon, coffee, raw fermented carrots.


I'm not sure how to space/plan the rest of my food today. We have an outdoor dance from 1-5 pm. I know I'll probably go out to dinner between that and the evening dance. Some friends are letting me shower and change at their house. I feel like I should plan something to eat in the afternoon though...but I'm not sure what. I might just bring some larabars or dried fruit. I'll think about it some more.


I'm obviously going to skip the 5 mile easy run that is on my training plan today. I think I'll be active enough today and tomorrow to more than make up for it. 

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Another great day yesterday. Boy do my feet hurt this morning though! 


The outdoor dance was great! Lots of people who I've not seen in a long time were out so got to catch up with some old friends. The music was amazing and I had some great dances. Dancing on concrete is probably why my feet hurt so much today though...or most of the reason. Ate a bag of dried bananas (nothing added) and had a grande iced Americano.


After the dance we went down to Pike Market as my friend's guest wanted to see the gum wall and then met up with some other friends for dinner. We ended up at Pike Brewing Company where I had a Market Green Salad with blue cheese dressing (I had very little of the dressing) and Luscious Lamburger without the bun. The burger was supposed to have feta but I didn't see that on my plate. I did eat the french fries and they were worth it.


Unfortunately dinner took a long time so didn't get a chance to take a shower or anything. Went to the next dance and just changed my clothes in the bathroom. The floor at the venue was a little sticky so I ended up wearing my wedges again (more cause for my feet to hurt today). Had some more awesome dances and another fabulous big band! Ate a coconut creme larabar at some point near the end of the evening because I started to feel hungry again.


Decided to go to late night and was glad I did for I had a few fabulous dances and the band was amazing. I was so tired but I stuck it out until 3 am because I wanted to hear the bands last set in its entirety. I wore my slickest shoes and the floor was still too sticky or I might have danced more. 


Got home a little after 4 am, wrangled the cats to bed, read for maybe 10 minutes before I started dropping my kindle on my face. Almost managed 6 hours of sleep but not quite. The cats were all up in my business starting around 9:30.

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What kind of music/dancing was there? Sounds so much fun! And yeah, start the booch! That's not even funny anymore :P


:lol: I know I know!


Seattle Lindy Exchange = Lindy Hop, Charleston, and Balboa for the most part. Music was all 30's and 40's big band style. 


I'm hoping some footage shows up on Facebook today.

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Oh am I so sore all over today! Going to skip my run again today to recover.


Yesterday was crazy! I was late for church so missed about a third of the sermon. Went to Cactus again for lunch and had a salad and a chicken dish that came with a portabella mushroom and veggies. The veggie mix had peppers mixed in it though (glad I asked) so I ended up with rice instead. A small amount of cheese in the dish. Had a venti iced Americano between lunch and kids ministry.


Had to combine the nursery and the toddler 1 room again because one of our volunteers didn't show up. We had 13 kids and many were not happy/screeching. Yikes! Had quite the headache when all was over.


Had dinner at Tap House Brewery. Got another salad and a Gorgonzola Pancetta Burger with fries. Walked around for a while with friends then drove into the city for the last dance of the exchange.


Got there a bit early which was actually nice. Danced much more than I expected to including attempting to swing out to a song that was about 340 bpm. Ouch! I have not tried to do swing outs that fast in a long time.


Took a break for some Molly Moon's ice cream. This was so not paleo and so worth it. I had a Summer Thyme sundae which had raspberry lemon thyme ice cream, raspberry sauce, lemon curd, whipped cream, and cherries. It was SOOOO good and SOOOO worth it. So yeah, had a lot of dairy yesterday!


Going to have to scrounge up my food for today as I didn't have time to cook what I planned this weekend. Will finish my shopping trip tonight and hopefully get a lot of cooking done if I don't pass out early. So tired!

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Some video clips for those who don't know what I mean when I say Lindy Hop. I don't do any airsteps and tricks as those are more for competitions and performances than for social dancing but gives you an idea of the style:


Hellzapoppin is one of the most famous lindy hop performances I know of:


This is a link to the local jazz dance film festival my friends sponsor and has some good dancing in it. I've only watch the first 3 films so far.

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This day has been really off. Got to work (finally) around noon, had to take my car to get front brakes done at 1 and of course just started to get hungry when I needed to leave. Went to Starbucks to wait and had an iced Americano and bought a cheese and fruit box. Ate everything but the nasty whole grain crackers. Got back to the office around 3 and had 4 grass fed hot dogs with mayo and mustard and pickles. Hardly getting any work done because my brain is a touch on the fried side still. Just ran up to a friends to pick grape leaves so I can finally do my pickles this week. Should do them tonight but I'm so tired it might have to wait until tomorrow. My dill is starting to dry out though. Just realized that I forgot my shopping bags. Can't stock up on meat at a store 30 minutes from home without my thermals. I don't live on that edge. Probably would be fine but I think I'm just going to move the meal plan around, cook what I bought Thursday tonight, and call it good. I do really want bacon for tomorrow...but I guess it can wait. Silly to go over there for just bacon.

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I should have gone straight to bed last night. Instead I watched 2 episodes of Breaking Pointe and played a little Skylanders. I ate my last serving of Czech meatballs from the freezer with mayo and mustard, finished the bag of dried apples, had a piece of dark chocolate with sea salt, and a piece of raw cheddar. Not exactly a shining meal and I got no food prepped either.


I did manage to get almost 7 hours of sleep last night and feel quite a bit more human this morning. Looking forward to my return to Body Pump! Yay!


I think I'm going to go to Whole Foods for lunch and have tuna for dinner. Must go shopping tonight! I am going to take tomorrow off so I may or may not get cooking done tonight. Might just do it tomorrow.

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