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Finished My First Whole 30!


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So here it is! Day 31! And I've not fallen face first into a pile of anything. I did make sweet potato pancakes for breakfast though. Mmmmmm!


So my background is such that I was already mostly paleo when I started my W30. I had roughly followed a 30 day meal plan from Practical Paleo starting back in mid-March. I had some pretty good reintro success and was mostly staying on the wagon. I had not given up butter, was still doing a little sugar here and there, and was weighing myself daily and logging my food for the most part.


Things that have changed and stayed good since going paleo:

* Energy levels much more consistent.

* No more afternoon brain fog.

* No need for afternoon coffee.

* Sleeping much better.

* Eat 3 meals a day with little to no desire/need to snack.

* Improved moods.

* Inches and pounds coming off.

* Better digestion (I used to have heart burn all the time)

* Better cycles (less cramping and shorter)


Specific achievements from my Whole 30:

* Lost 3.2 lbs

* Lost 3.75" (.5 from forearm, 1 from narrow waist, 1 from waist at navel, .5 from hips, .5 from thigh, .25 from calf)

* Proved to myself that I can lose weight and inches without being a slave to the scale and food logging. I do not intend to go back to food logging and I plan to only weigh myself on the 1st of the month from here on.


Things I'd still like to see improve:

* My allergies are much better than past seasons but still there and annoying.

* My BMs are still not what I would like them to be.


Plan is to do some very careful introductions (schedule in my post-w30 log) over the rest of this month and then lay out my rules for a balanced paleo lifestyle going forward.


I would definitely recommend this program to anyone and everyone! I've gained a lot from this experience in just trusting that I can eat without monitoring all the data all the time and still be healthy and move towards a more fit and functional body!

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