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Low iron??

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Started Whole30 about three and a half weeks ago. For about 5 months before that I followed a keto diet (but became worried about all the procesed foods it encouraged) and so the transition to Whole30 has been relatively easy for me.

I have been eating three meals a day, typically 2-3 palms of protein, a dinner plateful of veggies or homemade vegetable soup, half-full avocado or handful of raw nuts, and a small piece of fruit. I think I probably consume more than the average female on this plan as I'm active in sports and weight training. I try to east a small amount of protein before exercising (generally can't before a competitive game which I've had a lot of this month) but definitely eat a small amount of protein after along with some carbs. Weekend tournaments I tend to indulge in some bcaas because I wouldn't be able to move the next day without them.

I also use balsmaic vinegar mixed with mustard and some Frank's Red Hot Sauce on protein and veggies. Otherwise I do put salt on my food. I drink a lot of water, around 3 litres a day plus whatever I drink during exercise.

I've been a blood donator since I was 16 years old and have always had a nice high iron level. However, the couple times I donated blood while eating keto I noticed my iron dipped a bit. It was always around 131-132, but dipped to 127 while on keto. Still high enough to donate blood. Today, I went to make a donation but couldn't because all of a sudden my iron level is 99. I was recommended to see a doctor, unfortunately I leave for work (month long shift on a boat) on Tuesday and can't see a doctor before then.

I have noticed muscle fatigue and slight diziness during warm ups, but it goes away pretty quickly.

I don't want to blame Whole30, I really thought if anything my iron would be up again given all the red meat and veggies I've been eating. Is there something perhaps I'm missing or has anyone experienced anything similar? I'm hesitant to take an iron supplement without a doctor's advice but I'm considering maybe a women's multivitamin with iron.

I'm not looking for medical advice, obviously I should see a doctor but I'm just wondering if there's something in the eating plan that I'm missing that would account for the sudden drop in iron.

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