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Feel like I can't breathe in properly

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I've been following the whole 9 on and off for the last five months. Did my first whole 30 back in Feb and felt great, then have been trying to adjust to life after whole 30 with varying amounts of success.


About 3 weeks into my first whole 30 I had a strange sensation when I was breathing, like I couldnt take a full enough breath. I've had it before, mainly when I used to smoke (long time ago) and put it down to a cold coming on or something. It went away a week or two later. I'm now in the middle of another whole 30 and have found the same symptom return. The worst thing I've found is that the more I deviate from the plan, the less my symptoms become.


I would really like to figure out what this is, and more importantly, whether it will go away!


Has anyone else experienced this?





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Could it be anxiety? It is certainly a symptom I experience when I am having some anxiety - conscious or otherwise. The body can react in some interesting/strange/disturbing ways when it feels under pressure from change and during the healing process.

Just a thought.

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