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Spotting and Nausea

Naghum 'Nia' Alfulaij

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Since doing my whole30 and sticking to a paleo diet I have had random days where I am spotting and feeling nauseated.  I'm on low hormone birth controls (period every 3 months) and have had spotting in between periods but never this much/often and I've never felt this nauseous. 
I'm thinking of just stopping the birth control completely (I have been on it about 4years) and seeing how my body responds. 
Any advice or similar experiences?


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Just got off hormonal BC and doing a whole 30, so everything is a bit out of whack.  Right now I am day two of spotting, have no energy, and have been experiencing nausea.  Today I am just taking it easy and trying to baby myself. These are big transitions.  I was on hormonal BC for 17 years. 

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Just wanted to pop in and let you know that spotting and/or an early period while on Whole30 for those that are on birth control is normal.  Under normal circumstances, your period is triggered by a drop in hormones.  Although you're on the pill, your body is still making some of its own hormones.  When you change your diet, typically your own hormones should start to level out, meaning they can drop a bit to more normal levels.  As a result, that drop in hormones can confuse your body and it may think it's time to bleed.  Keep in mind the synthetic hormones from the pill are still in effect, but the net level of hormones may change.


The nasuea may or may not be tied to that, but at least the spotting can be justified.  

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I'm on bc too, and last month during my Whole30 I had an extra period that lasted 18 (EIGHTEEN) days. My doctor was unconcerned but tested me for problems or undetected failed pregnancy anyway, and nothing showed up. So I blame Whole30. :) Actually, I blame my hormones, which were CLEARLY screwed up due to my previous way of eating. I'm hopeful and reasonably confident that things will even out this month. Just wanted to share for commiseration's sake!

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Thanks all! Makes me feel better that it wasn't just ME! And Malie...18 days! That sounds horrible but hopefully the hormones have been reset after whole30.

So just to update everyone, after all of my spotting and a few days of nausea I decided to get off my bc.  I got my period a day later and the nausea was gone and my energy since has been WAY up it's been great! I think this is what everyone was going on about having a "switch" go off during their whole30.  I will be checking my hormone levels every month or so to make sure I'm in the normal range ( I was way off prior to bc a few years ago and why I initially got on it).  Hopefully the diet has helped with hormone levels!

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Man, I am in the exact same boat!


On Day 19 now, and just got my second period of the month a few days ago.  On BC and this hasn't happened in years.  Feeling super crappy even since my period started…headaches, nauseated, blech.


Trying to eat more starchy carbs and tons of water.  


Can't wait for this to pass over.

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I'm on day 20 of my Whole30, and this morning started having cramps and spotting (no nausea). I just started the last week of my active pills, so my period wasn't due for another 10 days (always starts 2-3 days after taking my last active pill). I was a little weirded out by this because my cycles are always predictable (due to the birth control).


Hearing that others are experiencing the same thing makes me feel a lot better, and also gives me hope that my hormones might be normalizing. I have PCOS--which at this point has only been an inconvenience because I don't have normal cycles unless I'm on oral contraceptives--but later it will be a problem when we try to get pregnant because it is one of the most common causes of infertility. It would be awesome if changing my diet could reverse the PCOS symptoms and make it possible for me to go off my birth control!!!

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My story is the same as many of the others: early spotting (~12 days early) on day 21 of my whole30. I have been on hormonal pill BC for years and have never experienced spotting.

If I am spotting, does this mean that my BC is ineffective right now? Should I abstain from unprotected sex?

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