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Tired on day six and craving sweets!


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Today is day six, I am doing pretty good so far, I had an accidental ingestion of some dried blueberries that had added sugar on day 3 but I'm not going to let that stop me, just going to add a few days to the end. I'm really tired though, I just want to sleep, I have a five month old that sleeps pretty well, but I can't seem to make myself go to bed early enough so that I get decent rest. Also breast feeding so I'm up at least once throughout the night.

I'm doing well on eating food that stays with me, but I'm the only one doing the diet in my house so everyone is snacking and eating things that I want!!!! I'm staying strong, but I'm so tired and I just want to eat something I don't have to prepare sometimes. I didn't eat many sweets before this but now it's like I'm craving them so much.

Am I ever going to get my energy back, also I just don't have a lot of energy in general, is this normal?!?

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First- I have three children and give you serious applause for realizing early you need to do this.  Good for you!!! 


I think even if it's not visible desserts like ice cream or whatever, there are so many hidden sweeteners in things that most everybody is detoxing and will crave to some extent.  


Energy wise- one way to look at it is that you would be feeling a lot worse if you weren't eating so healthfully.


Seems like for most of us the energy evens out with fluctuations.  I never got the Tiger Blood, most of my first W30 was sort of calm and at times sad but sad in-control feel (and that is huge).  I liken it to mild grieving and although I'm committed and a huge Whole30 believer I think my brain or body or both was still adjusting to a new way of living even though in my heart I wanted this.   Does that make sense?  In our support thread many reported the same blahness for parts of it.  


The preparing everything takes some getting used to...maybe doing a big cooking session with lots of freezer-friendly things would help you power through?  I simply could not feed myself or my kids healthfully if not for freezer friendly options.    


Hope you're able to get some rest and hang in there!   :)      

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