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My Whole30 Program Log/ ggordon1


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7/14 - Today is my day 7 of the program.  I've been able to stay on the recommended foods course.  I know I did over consume at times and used cashews and grapes to help squelch cravings at times.  Those were my miss steps.  I need to make some goals and a plan for going in to this next week.  I really grateful for the daily e-mails.  They help so so much.


Breakfast - Bacon, 1 egg (not great but it was what I had in the fridge) black coffee, fresh brewed black cherry ice tea


Goals for week 2 of Program-

Make sure to drink at least 120oz of good liquids

Do not eat after7/7:30pm

Sleep without the TV on

Find a way to do 30 min of exercise - 3X this week

Don't eat any nut/ over did it last week cause I love cashews



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Ok this is really just for me so I have a place put down my foods and any exercise or whatever.  I'm starting my second 30 today.  Like my first 30, had some results, a lot of success in other areas besides the pounds and inches.  I want to continue this to make it my normal lifestyle.  This 30 I really need to get in the exercise and watch the portions and keep my nuts to the minimum.  :P


8/8 (day 1/round 2)

brkfst- coffee with coconut milk&cinnamon/ Smoked Turkey Waldorf salad/ water/ SF

lunch- 2 boneless grilled pork ribs w/ my mayo dip/ lemon water


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