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Acid Reflux and starting 2nd Whole 30 tomorrow-Questions?


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I completed my first Whole 30 approximately 1 year ago. No cheats, felt great and within in a month I had completely gone back to my old ways! Along with my old ways though came a very nasty bout of acid reflex. I went to the gastro specialist who immediately put me on Prilosec. Ive been taking it for a few months, but it makes me feel bloated and icky and I just recently read that long term use might give you a heart attack.


So I'm back and I'm vowing never to change my eating habits ever again. I've stocked up on all the right things, or so I thought. I'm officially starting tomorrow, but to get in the spirit I just had a tablespoon (or slightly more) of Almond Butter with some celery sticks. My stomach hurts a bit now, I'm burping and feel a bit bloated. I went back to the Whole 30 book and found that almonds may not be good for me! I'm starting to think I would be better off just drinking water!


I would love to hear from anybody in the same situation?




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