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LindaLee Again: Whole100 - anyone want to join me??


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Well...I made it through my first successful (after numerous attempts) Whole30 at the end of June. And since then I've had the on-again, off-again sugar thing happening, and wasn't able to really kick off my Whole60. :(


BUT! I will not be deterred! So I am embarking on a Whole100. I'm hoping this will help me slay my sugar demons once and for all. 


I'm going to think about some goals in addition to my Whole30 eating and my exercise, mobility, and active recovery, and will post those tomorrow.


So far so good tonight...we had steak and sweet potatoes on the grill, and now I'm enjoying some LaCroix water and America's Got Talent with the hubby. 


Today, I didn't Crossfit (I usually don't on Sundays) but I did a cooking WOD:


Zucchini "fettucine" from the 21 Day Sugar Detox with grassfed beef from Aldi's, believe it or not

Beef and veggies - my version of the dish in the Success Guide - with fresh squash and kale from our farmer's market and mushrooms (I love summer!)

Zucchini hash from the 21 DSD

Mustard chicken from Practical Paleo

Savory baked chicken (with rosemary and paprika) from 21DSD

Hardboiled some eggs

Sliced some green apples and jicama


Found some smoked salmon at Schnucks with no sugar - thankful for small miracles!


Also did some back strengthening and core exercises:

3 1 minute planks

2 30 second side planks (working my way up to more than one on each side)

Back exercises:


   Side and back extensions

25 pushups with band (great modification my coach just introduced us to - I didn't do them consecutively; I've just done five at a time keeping my back straight, which is the biggest challenge for me)


I've had a sinus infection so haven't been to Crossfit since Tuesday. Looking forward to going back tomorrow.


If anyone wants to join me...come onboard!


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Hello! I'm on day 11 of my first whole30, but I'm already thinking this really needs to be a whole 100. I haven't totally decided but it seems that that is the right decision for me and I'd be stupid to start re-introducing foods after just 30 days. And at least I'm already 10% through if I do carry on!


Good luck

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Hi, snaily! Yeah, I'm the same way...if I'm not on something, I don't have the discipline to stay away from the ice cream. So here I am, LOL, hoping that after 100 days, the habit of not eating ice cream will be truly cemented.


I've had a great day today, despite waking up feeling very despondent about it being Monday. My husband was kind of morose, so I think that was a big part of it, poor baby.


Meal 1: 

Beef and veggies, olives, and jicama

Supplements: digestive enzymes, one Lurong Living, antibiotic (for my sinus infection)


Planned to have a hardboiled egg before my workout but that didn't happen...the morning started out slow, but whipped rapidly into high gear! However, this also meant that I ate breakfast much later than usual, so I wasn't really hungry, which was a nice change.


Workout: Crossfit:

Warmup: 800 meter run - oh, it felt so good to run and feel strong again!! I'm daring to hope that my fatigue over the last several weeks has been related to the sinus infection I was diagnosed with last Thursday.

Warmup: Everett and PVC warmups

Strength: 3 x 5 Deadlifts: Last time I was working on my form so determinedly at 75 lbs., even though this makes me feel very puny. Today I was hopeful, so I went up to 75% of my 1RM and lifted 100 lbs. I felt strong and my coach said my form looked good! Again, I think the back strengthening exercises I've been doing are already paying off.


WOD: 30 squat clean and jerk. Now, this looks like a fairly easy workout. It's not. I don't know if it was the up and down motion of the clean and then the jerk (I did a split jerk) but it was HARD, even at just 35#. Front squats are not my strength, but I'll keep working on them. 7:38.


Post-WOD: again, planned to eat some salmon and jicama but that didn't happen, by the time I got changed. So I went straight to meal 2:

Mustard chicken (from Practical Paleo)

Delicious tomato and olive salad from the 21 Day Sugar Detox with a little extra tomatoes

Green apple

Supplements: Digestive enzymes


Handful of almonds mid-afternoon to take the edge off


After work, I did a new series of back and core strengthening exercises:

25 banded pushups

3 1-minute planks, 1 30-second side plank on each side

Back exercises from my PT: bridge, side stretch, side and hip extensions

Back exercises from my chiropractor: side to side, front to back, twists


Meal 3:

Salmon (I'm eating a lot of beef this week, so I'm trying to balance it out with a little Omega-3)

Tomato and avocado salad with olive oil

Blueberries with coconut butter


Just a good day after a cranky start. I'm pleasantly tired...so tired...LOL...


1 day down, 99 to go!

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