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Whole30 - I am ready to know what GREAT feels like!

Future Jaye

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Hi my name is Jaye, I am 35 years old and I started the Whole30 on Monday 8th July.  A friend that I am lucky enough to also work with gave me the words that I believe are going to change my life - WHOLE30!


I read through all the information and I was sold, 30 days how hard could that be if it will make me feel great....... one week down and it has been very hard at times but as a whole I would say it has been ok.


I am a past athlete that of course stopped competing and gained weight and then more weight, had two babies and a little more weight creeped on.  I come from a family of very big people - who are dreadful eaters and I remember never being allowed to leave the table until my meal was completely gone, even when I hadn't served out how much I needed.  We grew up on a so called healthy diet where mum served at least 4 vegetables with every meal but with the knowledge I have gained they were usually very starchy and cooked in salt with every other bit of crap added for flavour!  Our meals always ended with a heavy pudding with an extra big blob of cream.  When I started athletics my meals increased in size and consisted of mainly pasta and a lot of carbs.  To compensate for this I started drinking only diet soft drinks and eating diet everything else, milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc. These habits stayed with me until last week.  I think I may have been killing myself!


I hide behind my weight and for the first time in my life I truly feel ready to tackle this once and for all.  In the past I have had a fear of looking great but I now feel that I will come out of this prepared to fight my demons mentally as well as physically.


7 days down and so far so good.  I am feeling a lot better today, tiredness and cravings are starting to improve.  My major temptation to my surprise has not been the pasta, alcohol or cheese that I thought would play on my mind but the want to get on the scales.... My pants are loose and I am finding it hard not to just jump on for a sneak peak.  I might ask hubby to hide them!


Thank you guys so much for this opportunity to become healthy, happy and just down right GREAT!


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