Am I biting off more than I can chew?

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So I came across this whole30 plan last week, and today is supposed to be my first day on the plan. Right now I'm not so sure I can or should bother. So I'm a pesci-vegetarian (37 y.o male, 10 years of being veg). My main source of nutrition is usually a big lentil mix I prepare at the start of each week - it consists of brown and red lentils, brown rice, split peas and canned pilchards. Obviously that is now out. Unfortunately I have to cut out pilchards too as I can't find them in plain water, even the one I thought was plain contains maizemeal and veg oil, so my main source of protein is going to be canned tuna in brine.

Here comes the real issue... cost. The meal above that I usually eat every day of the week is really economical. I've purchased canned tuna for my first 2 weeks along with some good oils and already overshot my monthly grocery budget. I'm intending to use oils (hemp, coconut, avocado, olive) as my main energy source - I don't know what else to use. Even mediocre quality nuts are expensive. Fruit will require massive quantities and again cost me. Normally on weekends I eat peanut butter for energy as it's quite cost effective. I'm also now able to admit I'm addicted to it - eating 1-2 litres over the course of 2 days every weekend... bad bad.

Why I need all this energy, besides living, is that I cycle to work every day. I don't have a car, so it's walk or cycle. 10km each way. I really don't want to turn rides over the few weeks into sessions of miserable torture.

I've been reading through this veg forum and finding myself a little disheartened. I wasn't aware there was a W30 for vegetarians only, and after looking through it it seems, well either half-assed or conflicting. If I want to know if legumes are bad for me, they have to be cut out, why should I get a short-cut for being vegetarian? I'm really, really not keen to start eating eggs or meat again, and frankly the cost rules them out anyway.

So yeah I guess if anyone has some tips or advice, particularly with energy sources. I got a bottle of almond butter and some raw almonds as well (owww $$$$) but it's only enough for a week or so if I eat it everyday.

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Well, I started reading the book on the weekend and I'm about halfway through. I do think it's worth it, but only if done properly. If I keep on eating dairy and legumes, which as a vegetarian I apparently can, there's really not much different to my regular diet since I eat pretty clean.

Anyway on day 2, no legumes or dairy so we'll see how it goes...

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Good luck,

I am now Pesci-vegetarian as well however I follow Whole 30 strictly with my main source if protein being fresh fish and canned fish. No legumes, lentils of dairy.

It is so worth doing so stay on track as there are so many benefits that make it worth any additional cost.

However as Tom says only continue if you think it is worth the effort.


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Don't forget canned wild salmon and wild sardines in water. Very economical and tasty. And root vegetables and butternut squash tend to be pretty affordable. They make lots to be stuck in the fridge for the whole week -- pureed, cubed, or however you like it.


As Joel Salatin says, "Pay the Farmer now or pay the doctor later."

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