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Starting Today -- July 15th


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Hi everyone! I'm Maggie and this is Day 1 of my Whole30  :)


This is my fourth W30 and looking back over my previous logs I'm surprised (pleasantly so) at how far I've come since embarking on the Whole9 lifestyle in 2010. But of course, this is a journey and I still have days when I struggle. The last few weeks have been rather hedonistic, for lack of a better word; lots of celebrations and lots of treats. I'm hoping to get a handle on my eating before things get too out of control. 


I'll post more introductory info about my background, my goals and my obstacles over in my Whole30 log -- check it out if you're interested!  http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/11882-maggies-whole-30-july-15-aug-14/


I'm so looking forward to making connections here again -- these forums are a great place to find support and make new friends. Best of luck to everyone on the journey!


xo M

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Hi Maggie!


I'm Leslie! I started last Wednesday BUT, this past Saturday I had a gathering to celebrate one of my son's birthday and the other son's graduation.  UGH! I was so close to getting through the day with complete compliance, but I didn't. I had a cookie! I even made lots of whole30 items.  So I want to have integrity towards myself and my body.  And here I am! I could use the support also.  I am a single parent, emotional eater, and trying to make changes for the better.  I am also a CrossFitter, but have't been to the gym for over 6 weeks. I teach and thought this summer would be a time of really giving time to me by reading ISWF and CF-ing 4x a week.  So today I am going to start all that. I read the book! But starting over is the worst.  I started this road June 2011.  I did really well for 13 months with CrossFit and Paleo and then things happened, I became overwhelmed with a new teaching job and I took on two more p/t jobs in education.  Needless to say I lost my way.  


The good news is, I am ready to be committed to me and my journey. The best part about making changes is seeing the bad rhythms in my life that have kept me in my comfort zone.  I recognize some of those and I am in the process of changing those deep rhythms that are keeping me from breaking through to new rhythms and habits! 


I am so grateful you have started this thread! I am ready!! Thank you for starting and being here and now! Your photo is beautiful! 


I am coming to DC first week in August for one of my jobs! I am sure I can still stay compliant on that trip! Its a mindset! :) 



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