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Whole30 first timer! Hoping it helps with enerrgy and fatigue


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Hello :)

This will be my first time attempting the Whole30 program. I wanted to try it a few months ago, but i don't thin ki was ready and i'm sure i would have cheated alogn the way. Now i'm sure i can complete it. I currently eat Paleo... with the only temptation being sweeteners and paleolized desserts. I'll stay away from those! Oh, dark (85% chocolate is also a temptation!)

My reason for starting this program is to shift my focus to health, rather than aesthetics. The desire to look good has been fueling me this far, and i'm sad to say i'm burnt-out, i'm not sleeping well, my performance at the box has declined, and i'm not losing fat... all these results bum me out, but i've decided not to stress and be thankful i know what to do and have the resources to turn things around. So i'm shifting my focus to health, nutrition, and recovery. And i will SLEEP! It's been elusive lately.

I'm posting my story here to make myself accountable, so check on me every once in a while, ok?? I'll do the same :)

Let's do this TEAM!

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