Day 4

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My husband and I are both doing the challenge together. So far it is going pretty good. This is his first day of not feeling sick. Today it was hard for me to get our of bed for my morning run and while running my legs did not want to move!

Other then that we have been experimenting with new veggies and recipes, fruit and herb flavored water and I'm sure there will be more.

I am hoping that we can both make it the 30 days and feel great! Im already getting sick of eggs with veggies for breakfast, non veggie optoins for breakfast. For some reason I have a hard time eating them in the morning. Also, not a fan of the cocounit oil, the smell is already making me feel sick. It has a really strong coconut smell and taste (we are both not the biggest fan of coconut).

I could eat a salad every day for lunch and be happy, what are some good salad dressing options other then oil and vinegar that you all have tried.

Thanks, wish us luck!

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I like to put oil and balsamic vinegar in a jar, with a squeeze of dijon mustard (and sometimes a bit of fresh garlic), and shake it up -- it emulsifies and becomes more of a creamy type dressing. I'm a newbie, and on Day 3, just a day behind you guys! Good luck :)

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