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I am a Fierce, Natural Woman.


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Well, better late then never! Its already day 6.. Forgot to start writing from the beginning, oops!

So far things have been running according to W30 timeline- cranky, tired, occasional craving, temperamental sleep- Check! Feeling of dedication, positivity and desire to move forward- triple check!

I have been eating 95% paleo for 7 months now, felt great at the start then hit a road block, fell slightly off the bandwagon, got back on, then discovered lactose free dairy (BE CAREFUL WITH THAT STUFF) and after a month of congestion, stomach ache and feeling like death warmed over I decided is was FINALLY time to make a new start. In conjunction with this I have been suffering from a binge eating, self loathing disorder, which has over the course of 2 years caused me to become my own worse enemy and lose all faith and fertility in my little body.

Now I have had enough! The time for change, mentally and internally has come! No more self battering, no more emotional sugar and nut feasts! I am a fierce, natural and deserving woman, we ALL ARE. Paleo For Women has been literally a godsend. It has given me the courage to begin to see that I dont have to fit the "mold" of acceptance because, quite frankly, there isnt one.

So upon this wonderful day I have nourished myself with these 3 divine meals:

B- 2 egg bround beef & zucchini omelet in plam/ coconut oil

L- Home roasted chicken leg and thigh with arugula, beetroot, avocado, olive, cumin salad.

S- making coconut butter!

D- Crunchy Salmon with broccoli & carrot mix.

Just remember two things when the going gets tough -this too shall pass and what a hell of a gift you are to the Universe around you"

Big love.

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Day 7.

WEEK ONE 1 DONE! And how wonderful it feels to know that I am 7 days in to a better, stronger me! Woop woop!

That being said still having very strong energy drops around 5/6ish, closed my eyes for two minutes today and when I woke up those "two minutes" had become two hours... Waaaa?! This is happening even though im going to bed early and sleping a good 8 hours. Hmm, hoping this will eventually peter out and I'll get into a better flow. But hey, Id take the craving for a little extra sleep over a craving for a bag of cashews and dried figs anyday.

Although the day was filled wi th ups and downs, lets focus on the ups- fantastic yoga class, summertime air, a heart warming conversation with the Mamma and TWICE resisting the urge to mindlessly and emotionally munch. Very, very proud of that last one, sounds silly but is so hard!

It helps me to pick out 3 positive points about a day, especially a relative difficult day, even if they are teeny tiny like 'a good cup of tea' or 'no lines for the bus'. The thoughts you feed in your mind grow- If you feed the negative than that's what will bloom, but if you try hard to feed the positive those blossoms will flourish.

B: Smoked salmon (sugar free and great for hurried breakfasts!), 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cucumber

Snack to keep hunger at bay till could go home for proper "lunch" ( busy busy!): 1/2 avo, 1 hard boiled egg, handful macadamia/ coconut mix)', tsp coconut butter

L: chicken leg & thigh with arugula, beet, olive salad.

D: Nom Nom Paleos (deeeelicious) sautéed shrimp with onions and cherry tomatos.

I sometimes wish life and men were as easy and simple as cooking up a delectable, healthy paleo meal

..... well a girl can dream cant she?

Hope everyone had some sort of bright spot today.

Big love x

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I too did not know about Paleo for Women - what a great site to learn about!  I like your three positive points for the day.  I'm pretty positive myself, always glad for a small accident because it prepares me to avoid a large one :) but perhaps I've been sinking in my own mud created world of expectations and forgetting those small positives.  Much I want to accomplish today and I think I need to shift gears mentally so that I'm pleased with what happens instead of disappointed. 

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Day 8.

Woo time flies when you're having fun! Such a busy, sunny day. Seriously if you can grab yourself a buddy, a book, some coconut oil (makes you tan, not burn and smells like heaaaaaven!) and got yo self to some water! Also buy yourself a lavender plant- the smell is incredible and quite calming.

But Again i had no time to get meals on a proper schedule.. Does anyone else have that problem? I have a good breakfast but then always seem to be away from the house/ on the move over lunch and end up coming home and eating a biiiiiig early dinner followed by something small later if im hungry. I know its not what the meal plans are supposed to be but unfortunately it seems to be working out that way recently. But i have noticed that despite the hours between breakfast and my next meal my energy and mood are completely holding up! Such a new win for me! Also when i come home i no longer want to wreck some "SWYPO" foods or sugar, but instead want to fill my self to the brim with steak and broccoli. Also another change.

EandK Family,

Yup it's so easy to get stuck into the "what I should, would, didnt do today" 's but there is always something that was good during the day. The day 8 email coincides purrrrrfectly with this idea. Its all about the positive visualisation. My mothers friend actually reshaped her legs, nothing drastic but definitely noticeable, literally just by positive visualisation and thoughts. The more we focus on the good aspects, the easier and the abundant they will appear to be.... Haha hoping i dont sound too cliche now :)

B- Salmon, 1/2 avo

Odd post work out/ Lunch?- homemade beet dip, 2 small chicken breasts

Early D/L- 3/4 ribeye, mountain of carrots, yellow zucchini and broccoli drizzled with homemade coconut butter, 1/2. Sweet potato with tablespoon coconut oil on top, 1... nah, lets be honest probably more like 2 handfuls coconut flakes..... Went a little coco loco haha.

... An hour after got hungry again so Had "Dinner"

D- 1/4 steak, rest (1/2) sweet potato, bowl left over shrimp onion tomato stir fry, 2 tbs coconut butter, 1 handful coconut flakes, 2 handful cashews (thank the lord they are finished! Note to self- NO NUTS in the house, waaaaay too tempting)

And to finish off 2 recommendations:

*Flores Farms raw coconut strips- the best tasting dried coconut you have ever consumed in your entire life. EVER. This is not an over exaggeration. You need to get these your life. Now. Right now. This very minute. Any later than this second is too late. Holy moley.

* Super Food Beetroot Dip to Make You Glow Like You Just Had Sex (without the yogurt!... you could use coconut cream or just leave it out) http://www.smaggle.com/2012/01/06/super-food-beetroot-dip-glow-sex/

Big love.

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Day 9 & 10.


I just wrote a whole post and it got deleted! WHY?! WHYYYY?! I would actually cry tears of frustration if my tear ducts and entire body werent stuffed and revelling in a Coconut curry bliss. Dammit Technology y u do dis 2 me? its was a good post too! Sometimes you are SO not in my like top 5 favourite things in life.

So now I have lost enthusiasm and will keep it brief.

Day 9

B- salmon, 1/2 avocado

L- swordfish salad with 1/2 avo, left over veg on top of salad.

D- home roasted chicken wing and back, curry roasted romanesco, carrots and zucchini.

Day 10 (hungry day)

B- salmon, whole avocado, some chicken breast.

L- chicken leg&thigh, left over curried veg.

S- open handful cherry tomatoes, open handful walnuts

D- chicken, sweet potato, chard coconut curry incredibleness

Culinary achievements are underway these days! - I roasted my first whole chicken! A big success, very proud of myself. And made a divine curry tonight (so surprised as I was throwing anything and everything into the pot... My flatmate was equally surprised)

Note to self: SLEEP MORE PLEASE.

Note to weather: LESS HOT PLEASE



I have given up trying to remain in anyway clean, nice smelling and fresh. Helloo salty skin, sweaty clothes and pungent smells! ... No people on the train, I havent stopped showering, in fact I showered this morning. This is what happens when you stick a cold adapted girl into sauna like conditions. But I do apologise. Although to be honest, its a bit the pot calling the kettle black my friends!

Even spending the day on the river wasnt enough to cool me down.

... What then, in petes name, possessed me to make hot, spicy (albeit so very very delectable) curry?!

No idea, my excuse is... Well lets be honest, when do you ever need an excuse to make curry? :)

Sending cooling thoughts to everyone suffering the same fate.

Big love.

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