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Whole 30 #2 Slaying the Sugar Dragon


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This is my food log for my 2nd Whole30.  I intended to start Monday but was not really ready to go so I warmed up and started Tuesday  instead.  I finished my first whole30 in May and felt so good.  I've been eating Paleoish for a little over a year.  I was inspired by the Wheat Belly book and didn't even know what Paleo was.  I'm 50 lbs lighter now with 8 lbs lost during my last Whole30 and then 3 lost after.

 I really struggle with sugar.  There is a massive amount of diabetes on both sides of my family and that is what continues to motivate me to slay the sugar dragon.  I overdid the fruit on my last Whole30, I know I was eating for the sweetness.  I'm going to do better with that this time.  (but my mind is yelling it is peach and cherry season at me already)

I ate pretty close to template after ending my last Whole30 but was away from home for 3 weeks 2 of which we spend camping.  I did pretty well and actually prepped a good amount of meals following the template to bring with but hit trouble when we that ran out.  What really did me in was smores every night (I made marshmallows and stuck chocolate inside so avoided the graham cracker but still had a massive amount of sugar)  

The funny thing is that those in my family who needed to lose lost and those that needed to gain and grow gained and grew.  So I think we still did pretty well but it is time to conquer that sugar dragon.  I'm also supporting my 18 yo daughter through her first Whole30.  I think she will be amazed by the results.


Day one:

2 eggs and 2 cups spinach cooked in coconut oil

chicken and avocado over spinach in a salad

cashews and a banana as a preworkout snack

2 eggs and 1 red pepper cooked in coconut oil (I made a wonderful venison roast and squash but I teach a fitness class over dinner Tuesdays and my family forgot I didn't eat yet so I ate what was quick)


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Good luck!  the sugar dragon is a tough adversary, I know mine still is smoldering below the surface.  The chocolate stuffed marshmallows got me on last month's camping trip too.  My son is allergic to wheat so we've been doing graham crackerless smores for a few years, total sugar bombs.  Not sure what is about camping that demands those little buggers, but I feel compelled every time to buy a bag of marshmallows!

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Day 2

2 eggs and a red pepper in coconut oil

Homemade chicken soup with coconut milk

3 salmon cakes (spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, eggs, canned salmon) and zuchini

snack: Way too many cherries.

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