Insomnia challenges

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So I am ready to get off the prescription sleep meds that I take only a couple days a week, but that is a couple times too many.

I take Ambien then on the other days(all work days) I take 5HTP, or Tylenol PM.

 I started taking Melatonin(3 mg) this week with the Natural calm on week nights with only fair results.


Any suggestions as to supplements and/or combinations of supplements? I know all the sleep hygiene things and do that religiously. It is only the night I have to go to work the next day that I struggle so with sleep(wake up at 1-2 am and stare at the pillow). This has been going on for years!

Thanks all!

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I have had good results with 5 mg timed release melatonin. Years ago when I took something that was not timed release, I woke up in the early morning and had trouble getting back to sleep. I've been using the timed release stuff for about 3 months now and it has been very helpful.


I also bought a pair of yellow glasses/goggles that I start wearing over my glasses at 8:30 PM to block blue light from TV, computer, iPad, etc. They really work for making it easier for me to get to sleep. And I have started wearing them when I drive because I just like them.

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