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Groggy, congested


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I'm on day 27 today and for the past few days, I've had lots of sinus congestion that is causing a pressured feeling on my eyes and the bridge of my nose, makes it hard to breathe through my nose, etc. I also keep waking up groggy (I mostly blame this on not going to bed at a normal time each night). I get the congestion in the morning and before bed, but I'm mostly fine during the middle of the day. Yesterday I broke out my netti pot and tried flushing my sinuses to see if it would help - it didn't, but I might need to use it consistently.


I also cough up mucous in the morning.


I never did get the "tiger blood" feeling and have been struggling with my anxiety and heart palpitations the past week or so.


For food, yesterday I ate...


4 eggs scrambled with bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms in ghee for breakfast


leftover greek stirfry (grass fed ground beef sauteed with onions and zucchini, seasoned with oregano, marjoram, lemon juice and red wine vinegar) for lunch


Pork Al Pastor (pork marinated in chiles and pineapple, sauteed with pineapple chunks and onion) topped with shredded lettuce with a side of carrots, onions, and cauliflower roasted in olive oil with salt and pepper for dinner.


Any idea?

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It's really hard to know at this time of year when many are suffering from seasonal allergies whether this is food related or not. I've experienced improved allergy symptoms from changes in my diet but I still have symptoms even after a W30. I would suggest continuing the neti pot and seeing what you can do to improve environmental factors. I do feel like my allergies tend to be worse after sleeping as I sleep with the windows open.


Work on getting consistent sleep too and seeing what stress factors you can reduce.


I have also seen adding sweet potato to your meal 1 as a help for low energy. I don't see a lot of starchy veggies in your meals for yesterday so that could be contributing as well.

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The last time I was paleo for 2 months, I found that I feel better eating very little starchy carbs or fruit. I have fewer cravings and don't get hungry between meals when I don't eat much sweet potato or fruit. I usually ate only about 75g carbs and all from veggies last time I was paleo and I felt great.

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