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PMDD and Whole30

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I am in my late-twenties.  I was diagnosed with PMDD this spring.  My GYN switched my hormonal birth control from a monophasic with low estrogen to a pill with higher but changing dosages of estrogen throughout the month.  The first two months after the change were heavenly, with practically no symptoms.  The past two months it has slowly crept back in, and I'm desperate for relief.


Does anyone have any experience with Whole30 and hormonal disorders such as PMDD?  My main symptoms are extreme exhaustion and fatigue, cravings, weight gain, anxiety and depression.




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I got off of my BC when I started my W30, but my cramps are nothing like what they used to be pre-BC. I started the BC before I got married, and it helped with cramps/lightened my flow. Sounds great, except that every pill I tried had my libido down so low I might as well not have had one. Now, even without pain meds, my cramps are more manageable than even when on my BC.


All that to say - there's hope!

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