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Tough Love....Christina's log


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Today marks day 4 of my journey, and I am experiencing the "carb flu".

Well the symptoms are not as bad as they could be, I weaned myself off a lot of carbs before I started. 


I am a little stuffy, my face has started to break out (probably from the walking I have been doing in the humidity, and the gunk trying to get out of my body as well). I feel a little under the weather but I know this will pass. 


This morning and every morning I have been having breakfast, er meal 1, but today I had 3 eggs and spinach. I have a job where I am sitting all day, and right in front of the boss' door, no eating at my desk, and we don't have a kitchen or "break area". So I heat my meal up and go to the conference room area and eat while I study for my upcoming phlebotomy board exam.  

Dinner is Protein and veggies - I have been trying to get my fruit in before I come home in the afternoons before my walk/jogs. It is 3.6 miles and has been humid so I need all the energy I can get to accomplish the walk. 

Next week I will start to integrate some crossfit WOD into my schedule between walk/jog days. 

You see next year I am going to the Dominican Republic. I am 50-60lbs overweight and would like to be able to be comfortable and healthy and feel beautiful while in that corner of paradise. I have been there before, and I tell you honestly the less you can wear, the better! It is hot and the beach is beautiful, the people are wonderful, the water clear and indescribable. 

I am not making excuses, but I have had some medical problems in the past 8 years and depression set in with those problems. Surgeries kept me from being as mobile as necessary, and my nutrition was far from optimal. I am good health, feeling great (well except for the carb flu) and ready to begin this year long journey.

Nothing but Tough Love as I make the Whole 30 a stepping stone to better health. I can already feel changes happening. :)

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You're off to a great start Christina. You'll feel better once the carb flu passes. It truly gets easier once you get into a good routine with your meals. You have a great incentive! Have fun with it and take it one day at a time.

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