Today is Day 40 - still going strong! Updated Pic


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I know it's only been 10 days since my last post, but I have seen a significant change in my appearance so I wanted to update :D


All I have heard in my life was "eat healthy" and you will lose weight. But when I used to think of eating healthy, I always thought I would have to deprive myself of foods that taste good.


Whole 30 has completely changed that perspective. Doing Whole 30 has done so much for me physically, emotionally and mentally. But it has also introduced me to great new recipes! Before Whole 30, almost every meal we made was centered around pasta or mashed potatoes.  All of our meals now are balanced between vegetables and meat, with a fruit as a "dessert".  And everything we have tried we have loved!


So here is a picture to show how different I look. Everyone is noticing at work now and that is a great feeling.  There have been so many opportunities at work to slip up but I actually have no desire to. Between cupcakes, ice cream, and candy and snacks in our kitchen, I am so proud and surprised that I don't want any of it. I think it's because I know how I used to feel and I don't want to feel that way again.


I don't have a weight or measurements to report since I'm not weighing until Day 60.


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Thank you! I'm going to have to save up to buy a new wardrobe if this keeps up :)

Oh, you will definitely need a new wardrobe! I did my first whole 30 last summer and dropped 25 pounds! I needed all new clothes to go back to school! Darn! ;-)

While clothes are a more expensive reward for all your hard work compared to he food you may have rewarded yourself with in the past, once you get your new clothes, they will be a daily reminder to keep eating this way, because you will want to keep feeling and looking this good! Congratulations!

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You look really really good! Promise me (us all) something- when you do weigh yourself at the end of your Whole60, please don't let the number define your progress. That picture you posted speaks VOLUMES about how much healthier you are, inside and out! We put way too much faith in our scales to tell us the truth, but they lie lie lie. Our weight fluctuates so much within any given day, how can we trust it to reflect how we're really doing? You look great, you feel great, so please keep that at heart when you do decide to step on the scale. :)

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