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Looking for a Whole30 partner in crime

Taylor Herman

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Hi all,


I did my first Whole30 over a year ago and saw great results.  I felt healthier, light on my feet (that might sound silly, but it's true), I had more energy, and so on.  One might say that I had that Whole30 glow.  Since then, I've been Paleo probably 70% of the time but lately I find myself slipping into that 60, even 50% range and I don't like it one bit.  Therefore, I want to start a Whole30 tomorrow.  After all, Melissa and Dallas always say why not start right now?


The last time I did the Whole30, it was with my boyfriend.  It was great doing the program with someone else because I had someone to talk to support me, who understood how amazing sweet potatoes are when they are roasted with just a little bit of cinnamon.  Unfortunately, he's not on board this time around because he's currently doing Leangains (if you don't know what it is, you don't want to know, trust me).  


So, I guess the bottom line is, does anyone want to be my partner in crime for the Whole30?  As I said before, I'd like to start tomorrow, but if you started a couple days ago, or plan to start August 1st, I think that would be fine.  If anyone is interested, please respond to this and we'll figure out each other's contact info.



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Hi, Taylor!


This is my first Whole30, and I am only on Day 4. A partner in crime or two would be great! There is a facebook group that has been helping me, if you're interested in that, too. I have this linked to my facebook account, if you want to hit me there, and we can chat. :)


Good luck!


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