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The Rhyne's WholeXX Log

Randy R

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Hello Hello,


So I was posting things up in our intro thread for a few days before I saw this down at the bottom....


I called this the WholeXX log because I am not going to set a 30 day limit to this. I am already feeling a little better and while I know this isn't suppose to be looked at as a "diet" I do have over 100 lbs to lose and I know my success in that is 90% based on what goes into my mouth so I want to eat as clean as possible for as long as possible with no exceptions. (Becki will probably reintroduce a couple items after 30 days).


We are on day 5 and so far so very good.


Day 1 was easy as pie. we ensured we have high quality 100% grass fed beef and free range chickens. We have been following the guidelines as far as what produce should be organic and which should be conventional.


Day 2 and day 3 both, I woke up with a head ache and my sinuses were wacky. I had some drainage and a sore throat. Becki experienced similar side effects. 


Yesterday I was pretty good. I felt light... I am a big guy, 6'3 315lbs  as of Day 0, and I normally I feel bloated and generally unpleasant in the mid section but not on Day 4. I felt skinny fat. Becki had a serious case of the crankies so I did my best to appear small and harmless and help her through.


Today is Day 5 and we are both feeling better. I slept 6 1/2 hours and woke up feeling pretty refreshed. Becki fell asleep at 9 and didn't get up until a little after 6 and she is in a much better mood as well.


Most of our breakfasts have been some variation of a frittata thus far except day 3. We are going to do some strategizing this weekend. We have decided to look at breakfast as Meal 1 and not breakfast and expand our horizons. I also bought my own meat grinder to be able to make sausages and things in Whole30 compliant way.


I bought an immersion blender as well and made my first batch of whole30 compliant mayo which means more sauces and dressings for salad that will be 100% Paleo / Whole30 compliant.... YAY FOR FLAVOR!!!

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We started day 8 this morning and thus far everything is going great. I read Well Fed on Saturday and it gave me some great inspiration and assistance in planning out my whole week.


Yesterday we had our "cook up" and I have learned that I LOVE Sri Lankan Curry Sauce and Moroccan Dipping Sauce!!!


We got our weekly order from our meat farmer and it is again by far the best beef we have ever had. Well I LOVE BACON.... Always had a very unhealthy relationship with lbs and lbs of bacon. Well I have given it up because I can't bring myself to spend $17 for whole30 approved bacon. Well they added a lbs of bacon to our order for free from one of their pigs they slaughtered. They don't sell it at all, but it is only pork belly and sea salt from pigs that have a 100% vegan diet, with no hormones or antibiotics, that get to freely roam, and I had some this morning..... drool!


The little woman is having trouble with all the water... she really wants some unsweetened pineapple papaya tea from quik trip but I cant find any nutritional info on it. So I have to find her something good to drink.


From a standpoint of our bodies, we are both sleeping better, not quite to a point of bounding energy but I am waiting for it!!

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We are on Day 10 today. The health benefits are starting to shine through for both of us. Becki has Crohn's and has started to see some relief from her normal symptoms. We are both sleeping very well. I have noticed that my clothes are a little looser than they were last month, not falling off but a little looser. Those fat, bloated feelings I use to have all the time are gone which is wonderful.


As far as eating we have both remained 100% compliant. I whipped up some sauces last night from WellFed and had to make some variations. Becki doesn't do spice much at all and I can eat habenaros all by themselves, which means everything gets a very light spice and I add some heat to my own plate.

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