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Day 21 slump?

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I need some advice!  I am on day 21 and I am in an emotional/physical slump.  I had been doing great.  I was feeling very satisfied at meals, not feeling tempted to eat in between or eat noncompliant foods, and had great energy.  And it all had been getting easier.


For the past two days, I have not been feeling as great.  I have been feeling hungrier between meals.  I have been more tempted by other food (Pizza party today at work...grrrr....).  I even tried a few new recipes that were delicious but that hasn't helped.  Looking for some pointers from someone else who has been there.


Appreciate the help!

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I didn't have a slump on my day 21, but generally the advice for when you're feeling low energy is the following:

- increase your fat portions
- increase starchy vegetables (especially at breakfast)
- make sure you're sufficiently hydrated (drink water, at least 1/2 your weight in ounces, daily)
- add a 4th meal if needed

If you post your food log for the past 2-3 days, folks here may be able to give you more specific feedback.

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Not sure about the overall slump.  Could it be non-food related, such as stress, sleep, social, family?  What might have changed?


As for a resurgence of cravings, this does happen and it is normal.  It is called extinction burst.  The brain and body get together to put up one last stand to see if you will cave.  If you use one of your distraction tactics and refuse to give in, the cravings will go away just as quickly as they came.

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My food log for past two days:

Day 1

Breakfast 3 eggs, carrots/greenpepper, 1/2 avocado


Lunch-turkey "burger" (homemade with ground turkey meat and spices) cooked in ghee, salad with spinach, tomato, balsalmic and olive oil, tablespoon of almond butter, cantalope


Dinner- Italian style turkey sausage (again, homemade whole 30 approved spices/meat) cooked in ghee, roasted eggplant/zucchini/squash, 1/2 avocado, olives, apple


Day 2

Breakfast "handful" of ground turkey with apples/cinnamon (the breakfast recipe from the book), greenpepper, cashews


Lunch-chicken breast with roasted butternut squash, strawberries, cashews


Dinner- thai curry (recipe from the book which is awesome- chicken, squash/butternut squash/eggplant in coconut milk and red curry paste) over some spinach, half an avocado (love avocado, can't help myself), blueberries


I am trying to get more creative with my recipes.  I am repeating meals a lot because it is easier for me to make things in bulk and then eat leftovers.  But I don't think I am getting bored with my food- I do enjoy my meals.

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If you're hungry between meals, have a mini-meal snack including at least a protein and fat. 

Maybe think about adding some more vegetables to your meals.  Maybe add a sweet potato at breakfast, for example?


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