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More cellulite?!


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Since going paleo a few months ago but more so since starting whole30 (Week 2)I have found an increase of cellulite on my legs and new cellulite on my arms... Hmmm not an effect i was expecting! I have been pretty- very low carb during whole30, maybe upping carbs would be good?

Has anyome had this experience or equally any explanation? Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)

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Hmm... I have definitely been losing cellulite in my thighs on my Whole50 (Day 49 today!), and I eat LOTS of starchy veg and 1-2 fruit servings a day (so, lots of carbs!), so from my anecdotal evidence, I'd say... Up your carbs! :) Perhaps someone else with more intellectual knowledge on the subject will chime in with better information. ;)

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Thank you both!

Malie- Woo day49 congratulations! I dont like fruit, but was wondering if you have any favourite starchy veg recipes youd be willing to share? :)

Karen- verrrry interesting, it very well be as i am in the same boat with nuts and actually coconut flakes- I love them but dont love me or my belly very much. I will try cutting them out and see if it helps.

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Another thing to consider in the meantime is body brushing. It does wonders for getting the lymph system flowing, which in turn diminishes the appearance of cellulite. I was pretty much born with cellulite - as was every other woman in my family - but if I have an outfit I need to fit into, have to be in a swimsuit, or have a hot date, I'll do body brushing a few days prior to smooth things out a bit. It's temporary, but worth it!

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