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My Whole30 results!


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Hi! My name is Amanda, and this is my first time posting but I've been lurking in the forums all month lol! I wanted to report my results on my first Whole30. This is long, so get comfortable. :)


A little background about me first. I am 37 years old. Back in 2007, I weighed over 450 pounds. I was miserable, and I didn't think I'd ever be able to escape that hell.  I did a stint of being vegan for about 3 years, during which I always secretly binged on meat.  In 2010, I went vegetarian, then finally, just allowed myself everything (trying the whole moderation thing).  Through those six years, I lost over 220 pounds, and also began running. Unfortunately, my deep dark secret is that I've always struggled with binge eating, and last December, it got really bad.  I also suffer from seasonal depression and decided to try anti-depressants..and also gained 40 pounds back.  I continued to binge, and my runs turned into walks. It wasn't a good time.


I had read about the Paleo diet in the past and just never thought it would be a fit.  I did stints of low carb out of desperation years ago...only to gain more weight back than I'd lost. I got tired of looking for a quick fix, I wanted something that was sustainable! Unfortunately, moderation in all things just doesn't work for me.


Whole30 was my attempt at grasping at a straw; I didn't think I would succeed.  What it has turned into however, is the way I would like to eat the rest of my life.  I read online through the Happiness Project blog recently, that some people are moderators; they can eat things on occasion, like French fries, and sweets.  Then, there are the abstainers, who prefer things in black & white, with no grey area. And that's how I would describe myself.  If I have a cookie, I want 20.  Same goes with bread. I just cannot seem to control myself around stuff like that.  I crave order, and I need things spelled out for me. Whole30 does that for me easily! I don't have to think about my meals, and analyze things to death.  Can I have this? Can I have that? I don't have to worry, because there's a list! And all of the protein & veggies have kept me full, so full  in fact, that while I look forward to my meals, I am longer starving all of the time.  I feel satisfied, finally!  And meal planning comes naturally to me (see: crave order, etc). so that wasn't a huge challenge.  I just designated a couple hours on Sunday to chop all my veggies and put together a weekly menu so I didn't have to stress during the week.


So where to now? I am continuing on with the Whole30 for now.  I am ok with having occasional Paleo items, but I really don't have any interest in the reintroduction of everything at the moment.  I mean, reintroduction to what exactly? For me, the food that the Whole30 plan restricts are ironically the foods that I consider food without breaks for me, namely sugar (ok with natural like honey or maple syrup), gluten, and dairy. 


It's funny, because during my first week, I kept thinking about everything I would eat when I finished my first 30 days.  And you know what? Now I don't care.  I don't really want to stop, I feel too good!


So, on to my results! I have my photos here.  I don't own a scale anymore(sanity!) so I just went based on my clothing, most of which are ALL fitting better and some are even getting baggy!


So, overall I feel amazing, and I am sleeping like a baby!  I feel so much lighter and energetic!

This has truly made a difference, thank you!



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Wow you look amazing :) you can see a huge difference! I feel the same, during my first whole 30 I was thinking about what I would treat myself to at the end of it - but when I got there my taste buds had changed? I did have a piece of my daughters birthday cake, and do you know what? It really didn't taste that great! Plus the next day my belly was noticeably more wobbly! I'm doing a second whole 30 now and then just plan to continue - you are so right about the reintroduction.

Congratulations :)

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Wow, those results are great. I am on day 14 and already feel my bulges are a bit smaller. Like you, I will continue on the W30 (with maybe some minor lapses) forever. It's just the way I want to eat and be.


Great work, keep it up.

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Congrats on your success! Your story is really inspiring, and really quite helpful. I'm on day 16, and not sure what my post Whole30 plans are. I have BED and a sugar addiction and think (know actually) I'm going to have to be an abstainer but I haven't fully accepted it yet even with all the positive results I've experienced thus far. Maybe I will feel differently at the end like you do. Thank you for sharing. :)

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