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Frieda's "Name Yam"


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Maybe I"m a total dunce. Not sure. My husband and I are trying to find starchy post-WO veggies and he brought home something with a label that says "Frieda's Name Yam". I found the company online and it says nothing about a "Name Yam". It is about as big as a smallish butternut squash. Milkly interior. Sort of looks like taro root on the outside but darker




The description says: "Frieda's Name Yams have white flesh and bark-like skin with a starchy potato flavor that is slightly sweet. Must be cook before eaten. Peel and slice into 1/2 inch pieces. Cook in stews, deep fry, boil, or bake. Use as you would potatoes, yams, or sweet potatoes." (It's from Costa Rica). Any ideas? I have it baking right now but I'm just not sure what it is.


Also, what might count as a digestible post-WO protein, other than egg whites? (they make me hurl).




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