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Whole30 and 13.1 miles


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Thanks for the kind words Colleen!


I've been doing half marathons and beyond for about 15 years. I was your typical carb loading marathoner. My favorite meal after a training run was 2 bagels with peanut butter and honey! I've done 49 marathons and a handful of ultras and was still chubby (OK,, overweight. By about 25 lbs). 


To make things worse, I was a vegetarian for about 25 years. I never met a plate of pasta that didn't go in my stomach. The centerpiece of my diet was carbs. I'm not talking about vegetables and fruit. I mean pizza, pasta, bread and lots of desserts.


I attempted a Whole30 2 years ago but didn't even last one day. Several more trys were unsuccessful. 


Meanwhile, I was still doing long distance races fueled with sugary energy gels and drinks. And lots of bagels.


I started to research alternative ways to eat. On Mark Sisson's site, I read about becoming fat adapted instead of being a sugar burner. I read the success stories on this forum.I learned about insulin and the effect it has on blood glucose. I started to check my blood with a glucose meter. When I saw how my glucose rose after eating a carb heavy meal, I decided it was time for a change...


In 2012, after 25 years,I became a carnivore again.My first meat meal was a local raised lamb burger and I loved it!

On Memorial Day 2012, I gave up all grains.

On July 4th,2012 I gave up refined sugar.

I learned to not fear fat. I embraced it!


Fast forward to today. 


I'm now fat adapted instead of burning sugar for energy. I can do half marathons in a fasted state without bonking. My energy levels are stable all day, no afternoon slump. It took about a year but my sugar cravings are gone. I can walk into a Starbucks and not even look at the pastry case. This still amazes me.


The last piece of the puzzle is to complete a Whole30. 

It's taken me 2 years of preparation but I'm now ready to get this done!

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This sounds awesome!  I can't wait to hear how it goes!  That's amazing, that you thought you needed all this stuff for running and it turns out you didn't need any of it at all!  I even wonder that sometimes, how a no-sugar diet affects running.  I don't run distance anymore but I find the whole idea of what fuels a run to be really interesting.  


I love what you said about the pastry case!  I rarely go to Starbucks anymore but my usual grocery store has one, and I'll sometimes grab a green tea on my way out if there's no line.  I can tell exactly what my mind's doing by whether or not I stare at the pastries while I wait!  :)

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Hi Bethany,

The longer the distances, the bigger the carb-fest. I've done 12 and 24 hour races where the food tent is nothing but carbs. I was at one 24 hour race where the volunteers held out pizza boxes, runners would take 2 slices, roll them like a burrito and keep running! I always make sure to bring my own food if I'm doing longer than a half marathon.


Day 1 is successfully done. :)


I had a 7 mile training run (mostly walking) and ate my Whole30 compliant meals.


There has been some discussion about using paleo meal delivery, I'm one of the people who use them. In my freezer I have some Pre-Made Paleo meals. I also ordered from a company out of San Diego, Pete's Paleo. Pre-Made Paleo arrives frozen, Pete's is fresh. I'll let you know what I think of both company's food.


I travel quite a bit for work, having some of my meals ready to go is a big time saver. I'm also a very lazy cook. I want quality meals but don't want to do the work! 


My plan is to use the delivered foods for dinner. I can pack my own lunches. Tomorrow I'm having grass-fed bison rolled into romaine leaves, topped with avocado and Whole30 compliant olive tapanade. With sauerkraut and some cherries. Delish!


Onward to Day 2........... 

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