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Day 31


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Waking up on day 31, so I thought I'd post my results!


My results aren't as dramatic as some peoples, but they are still there. On day 0, I weighed myself and took measurements.


                                                        Before       After               Difference

Weight:                                            216           211.4              4.6 lbs

Neck:                                               14.5"         14.25"             1/4"

Bust:                                                43.5"         42.5"               1"

Bicepts:                                           12  3/8"     12  7/8"            +1/2"

Natural waist:                                 35"            34"                  1"

Lower waist (even with navel):       42"            40"                  2"

Hips:                                                45"            44.5"               1/2"  

Thighs:                                            26"            25.75"             1/4"

Calves:                                            15.75"       15  5/8"           1/8"


I lost 4.6 pounds and about 5 inches. I did very little exercise these past 30 days, so that's all water weight and maybe some fat too. 


As for less tangible things, I feel less bloated and sluggish. While I never got the "tiger blood" I definitely still feel less heavy and weighed down and I no longer have random abdominal pain. My sleep was already really good, so I don't notice any improvement there (I almost always fell asleep quickly and slept dead to the world and woke up naturally about 8 hours later). My skin is a bit clearer with less hormonal breakouts (I still did get a couple pimples before my time of the month).


As for cravings and such, the last few days I did have lots of weird cravings for stuff that I almost never ate before anyway (maple bars and pancakes with maple syrup being the ones that stand out...apparently I want some maple...) That's why I am basically continuing my whole30 indefinitely, with only slight relaxation of certain rules because I think I need more time to get the sugar dragon under control.

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I'm reintroducing dairy because I missed it the most of everything, and I'm relaxing the rule about no added sugar. I won't paleoize deserts and add loads of sugar myself (I will probably make some home-made BBQ sauce and add molasses though) but I will use packaged products that have trace amounts of added sugar (like chipotle peppers in adobo). Basically, I want cheese, and I want to be able to use sugar/molasses/honey/etc. in more savory applications and use products that simply aren't available without a tiny bit of sugar, but I still want to stick to a low-carb diet and not binge on sugary junk.

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Figured I should post these...On day 1 I took a picture of my feet. I have had patches of psoriasis on the tops of my feet for 3-4 years now. Earlier this year in march, I got sick with a virus that presented with chicken pox-like symptoms, but it also got into my knees and made them swell up to the point that I couldn't walk. I begged the doctor for some steroids and she gave me prednisone. By the end of the 8 day course of prednisone, my psoriasis was almost completely gone. The scabs had healed up and all that was left was scarring and redness. Then I finished the prednisone and it came back with a vengeance worse than ever. The patches were larger and more flakey/peeling. I also started suffering from anxiety and anxiety attacks pretty regularly.


It's not completely gone, but it's improved significantly.


So this is my psoriasis on day 1




And here it is lastnight, day 33




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Wow! I have the same exact type psoriasis patch on the top of one of my feet and it is starting to go away, too! What a relief it must be to you to see and feel your skin healing! Steroids always had the same effect on me so I just stopped using them and just tolerated my condition. The psoriasis patches on my elbows and hand are also improving greatly. Nice benefit to Whole30, huh? I am happy for you! Go Whole30!!!

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so it's been not quite 2 weeks since I finished my whole30. I've since gotten a job (yay!) and have lost a little over another pound and another inch around my lower belly where I carry most of my weight. I looked in the mirror this morning and thought that my tummy was noticeably flatter today :D

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