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Vian's Reintroduction Log


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Reintroduced dairy today.


Breakfast: Eggs scrambled with bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms with cheddar cheese and butter


Lunch: Leftover roast chicken with carrots and a cauliflower mash. I added parmesan cheese and some butter to the cauliflower. Had a little whipped heavy cream (whipped myself with no added sugar) on some strawberries as well.


Dinner: Spinach and feta quiche made with half and half and an almond flour crust (the crust was good, and the filling was good, but they did not work together...will not be doing that again).


All in all, I feel pretty good so far today. Having some sinus headaches and congestion, but I was getting that before I finished my whole30, so I don't think it's from the dairy - I think it's just seasonal allergies. 


I think I need to adjust better to the added calories of the dairy, I think I just ate too much today because I wasn't accounting for the added calories and fat of the cream and cheese. Otherwise no gut pain or discomfort, perhaps a little more gas than usual though.

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I won't be reintroducing anything else. I already know how I react to everything else, which is almost not at all other than a general feeling of being less healthy. I plan to eat paleo+dairy/primal indefinitely.


Today I had the rest of the quiche for breakfast. Definately expiriencing more gas than usual, but not excessive ammounts, and otherwise feel fine. I think dairy will be something I have a few times a week, not three times in one day.

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