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Whole30 in the construction industry


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Dia dhaoibh! Hello!

I've never done this before, and I'm pretty excited.

My eating habits for this year so far have been mainly paleo, with the exception of some dairy (bring forth the heavy whipping cream, kerrygold, and raw milk please), and very special occasions (see also; when visiting great aunt so-and-so that one sees only every two years, and she makes those scones that nobody else in the world can make, it's just a sin not to enjoy the daylights out of one in her company.) But I've let recent events blur my focus significantly. 

I'm a 5'2" 110lb 25-year-old female apprentice industrial insulator whose job is relatively physically demanding and I always need to be in best form for it; well rested, alert, physically able, and energetic. The job sites and work are too dangerous otherwise. Given the way I've been eating lately, I'm certainly not at my best; Sleeping has been more difficult, I don't feel as rested, and I'm putting on bodyfat that I'd like to avoid. I'm not overweight and am not terribly worried about it, but for years I struggled with disordered eating and this past spring, when eating consistently paleo, for the first time in memory I felt whole and completely happy with myself, my health, my body, and my relationship to food, and I'd like so much to be at that point again.

So this is day one. I'm very excited, and slightly nervous. But mostly excited.

Breakfast; two over-easy eggs, fried in coconut oil, along with four zucchini medallions. A few nibbles of beef as I prepared my lunch. Black coffee.

Lunch; whatever coffee is leftover and water, a salad (romaine, kale, baby spinach, shredded broccoli, green onions, raw baby bella mushrooms), with sliced leftover roast beef, and a dressing of olive oil, balsamic, and homemade herbes de Provence.

I feel like this won't be enough (currently feeling not completely satiated already, and wanting a banana in the worst way), but we'll see. Our kitchen isn't well stocked at the moment. Making breakfast in the morning on work days is a challenge as said kitchen is also very tiny and my foreman (aka my dad) takes precedence over it, making his lunch (sandwich, crisps, etc) on a cutting board on the stove to evade the pestering of our cat. And he's very set in his ways and very slow at it, I might add. I will either have to wake up even earlier (we get up at 4am, currently), or make breakfasts days beforehand. We'll see.

Either way, here we go!

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That wouldn't be enough food for me and I'm sat around all day not doing much more than housework right now.


You can probably fit 3-4 eggs in your hand and maybe add some starches to your breakfast (and lunch).  Salad isn't very filling, you could add some sweet potato, kale and nuts to bulk it up a bit.


My husband is a scaffolder and eats tons of food (and still loses weight).  You might want to add in a fourth meal too, my husband eats a mini meal on his 10am break.

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You definitely need more food - more of everything in breakfast, and unless you've drowned your salad in oil, probably more fat (maybe avo or olives) and more substantial veggies. Starchy carbs are a must as well, especially if you're active all day.

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