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Day 1/ Intermittent fasting/


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Well today is Day 1, third go around. I woke up completely unprepared and hardly able to get out of bed from exhaustion. That's what happens when you eat crappy food. Had no time to cookl so I decided it was better to do this than nothing (I eat a real breakfast 99.9% of the time) and I made bulketproof coffee for breakfast. Well it was more like 2 tbsp gras fed ghee and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Anyway. I was a little hungry for about fifteen minutes I guess until it hit the stomach. I made it all the way until lunch at 12 ( had coffee around 8) without feeling deprived. Just wondering what others experiences are with fasting. I only did it because I didn't have anything suitable to prepare quickly. Might consider it though to help "lean out". Not for aesthetics, but I gained about 5 lbs from two weeks of dessert crushing. That 5 lbs and joint inflammation makes a huge deal to an athlete. Every time I move I can feel jiggling and the slowness.... Not good for fighting. But thought it might be an interesting experiment to cut weight in a positive way before a competition.

I had some chicken salad with homemade mayo for lunch and some carrots with watermelon. Higher sugar veggie than I usually prefer but I literally ran out the door this morning.

I think my mom is going to be a better paleo cook than me..... I look at recipes and nearly crap myself when they call for 3 tbsp honey or maple syrup. (Obviously not eating that now) but she makes them as is. Of course they taste amazing and just as sweet as the bad stuff and probably are lol. But it's cool my family is eating paleo because I'm usually über healthy and extravagant when it comes to meal planning. It's nice to eat food someone else made for once and taste different tastes. I never would have made mayo but she did and it tasted hella good.

Think I'm going to do Tuna mixed with salsa and some veggies for diner tonight. Have to make some bone broth tonight and get my pork shoulder roast ready to slow cook for lunches over next couple of days. So far sugar hasn't been bothering me today. Maybe because I realize I've been wayyyyyy too carried away lately to the point I was making myself sick. Needed a good kick.

Luckily I'm still in fat burning mode despite my poor diet choices over past few weeks. I can easily go for 4-6 hrs between meals and not feel hungry. Ughhhhh I eliminates seeds and nuts from this go round just because I relied in then too heavily. I am wishing to myself I ate all my flax crackers yesterday before they would go bad :(. I think I might allow some tahini in a sauce but that's about it.

Maybe I will be brave and out my pic on my profile today. Lol. I have been thinking about starting a paleo food blog like five million others . I'm not an amazing chef or anything, but I'm hoping to one day become a paleo nutrition advisor ( one day in the distant future when I have learned many valuable lessons ) and I know it would help to develop a client base.... Even though it would be nothing but spammers posting about free nikes clicking on my page anyway haha. But we shall see.

// edit: I added a day 1 face photo so I can go back and see any differences. Hopefully nobody in real life recognizes me .... Lol made sure to take it in a place where I can get the exact distance and angle again.


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I have some recent experience with this...even though it's not really a supported topic around here.


I'm still feeling a little desperate to lose 5 pounds (mainly mid-section fat) and thought this might be a way to save a few calories (and a method for losing fat, so the BF coffee people say). I also get up very early for work, and I thought it might be nice if I could save 20 min in the morning by skipping breakfast (maybe even sleep a little more). I gave it a try for probably 4-5 weeks, but just gave it up on Wednesday because it really wasn't working for me.


1) I don't know how on earth those people (on the BF coffee forums) can really be satisfied daily with just coffee in the morning. I guess it worked for you today, but it may not work for long. I think I had one or two days that it worked. Every other day I had to have a second cup, and even with that, by lunch I was feeling very hungry and....odd. Not exactly shaky, but definitely weird. So by having 2 cups, I wasn't really saving myself any calories. Maybe your body still treats the calories different because you're fasting, and it's all fat...I don't know.


2) It definitely didn't work on work days. I have breakfast at 5:45, and lunch is not until 12:30-1:00. I can't make it out for a break to have a snack or more coffee. I tried this one day and was SO HUNGRY all morning.


3) These changes kind of creeped up on me, but I think it's related to the fasting...I became very tired again, just like pre-W30. By 11:00 I could have gone back to sleep. In the afternoon I really needed a nap. Also, I started feeling "hungry" an hour or two after lunch, just like I used to. I think my food intake for the rest of the day increased because I skipped breakfast.


4) I did not lose a pound during this experiment. In fact, my weight has fluctuated a bit but I might have even gained ~2, I think because I was snacking more and eating a bigger lunch because I felt so hungry.


I enjoy the coffee, so I'm still having a cup in the morning, but I went back to having regular breakfasts on Wednesday (although maybe slightly smaller to account for the coffee calories). Maybe it's coincidence, but I swear I felt slightly less tired right away. I'm not feeling tired before lunch at all, but still getting sleepy in the afternoon. I'm hoping that will clear up in a week or two, if it is actually related.


All in all, I learned my lesson. Just listen to the good folks here and follow the meal template. :D I keep looking for shortcuts or a "magic" fix to lose this weight...*sigh*. I just need to stop banging my head on that wall, lol.

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I'm not doing IF right now, but in the future after my whole 30 I will introduce it. Why? Because the science on it is solid and it produces amazing results, not just on weight but your long term chances of getting things like cancer. I don't think paleo man or woman would have access to protein 3 times a day on a regular basis either, so it's a very paleo thing to do.  I can link to a documentary if you'd like. I'm not sure how much my body will like it but I can only try it and see.

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Thanks for the info! I'd prefer to rely on actual food for weight loss rather than this but I thought maybe I there were some positive experiences that I might investigate it further. It was really more like eat nothing or have that today. I do love the way it tastes though haha maybe just as a treat with a light breakfast once in a while. Thanks!

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