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Committing to my Follow Through - July 22nd


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My mantra for this Whole 30 experience is to "follow through". In many areas of my life, I have a tendency to voice something or really want to do something and then let it fall by the wayside. I am determined that this experience will not only help my overall health, but also my general confidence and overall mindset. If I can follow through on this, then pretty much anything is possible!

I've decided to log my eating and thoughts to help my accountability. The toughest time for me is between

4-7 pm. My mornings are typically no problem...it's the late afternoon to early evening that really challenges me. Here goes with the eating log.....

Breakfast - coffee with coconut milk and spoonful of honey, 2 eggs, scoop of paleo mayo, scoop of salsa, piece of BBQ salmon (dinner leftovers), grilled veggies. No snack needed until lunch.

Lunch - SO hungry for lunch at 1 pm!! Salad with piece of steak and mixed vegetables. One egg (I normally have 3 in the morning, but today I split it up to enhance my lunch). Scoop of paleo mayo mixed In with homemade oil and vinegar and mustard dressing. Yummy!

Went for a nap from 2-3 pm and woke up feeling completely disoriented and ready to consume every carb in sight! Managed to fend this feeling off with pre-prepped veggies, a handful of cashews and this amazing iced green tea that my husband has been making. This helped to ward off the 3 pm coffee i've been getting used to. This, along with a walk with the family, got me through to dinner.

Dinner - burger with salsa and paleo mayo. Sliced tomatoes.

8 pm - caved in with half a gluten free granola bar and a freezie.

Figured this was a good start.....will work harder on my evenings and getting lots of distractions in order....

Will report in on Day 2 soon!

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Good luck, I like your attitude...you can totally do this! I think it's great that you took a walk to get through some cravings. I need to do this more often.


Are you aware though, that you ate several things that are not compliant for the W30?? Honey is out. Granola is out. I'm not sure what's in a "freezie" but if there's any sweetener it's out as well.

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Christine, I suspect that you needed to eat more at every meal and especially at breakfast. Eating enough food will make staying compliant much easier.


I think you better call what you have done so far a warmup. No sweeteners of any kind are okay during a Whole30. Not honey, maple syrup, stevia, or any of them. And caving in and eating a granola bar is a fail. I'm sorry.

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Today I took the advice mentioned above and cut out the honey from my morning coffee and eliminated the granola bars and freezies. I had more protein mid-afternoon because that hungry feeling was coming on again and had some cherries in the evening (when I normally would have reached for a sugary something).

We had family visiting at lunch and dinner today but I managed to stay compliant by making my own salad with tuna at lunch and avoiding the pitfalls at dinner. It felt good to make some healthier choices. I had a headache on and off, but it may have been due to the weather changing (big storm brewing all day). But, it could also be the sugar withdrawal as headaches are very rare for me. No exercise today, but I had scheduled today as a rest day.

Now it's off to bed for what I hope will be a solid 8 hours (unless my 2 or 4 year old needs me in the night, but I'm hoping not!)

Until tomorrow.....

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I'd try and eliminate the fruit at night - the whole 30 isn't so much about replacing things with better options, but getting rid of the need for these things at all. I'm guessing you weren't actually hungry, just eating out of habit?

If you were actually starving, a mini meal of protein, fats and veggies is recommended...and you might need to increase your actual meal size to avoid this on other days!

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