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So I was supposed to wake up at 530 am to go to kickboxing this morning. I couldn't do it. I took some natural calm yesterday but I still wasn't able to fall asleep until 12, despite going to bed at 1030. Ughhh. I can wait for sleep to go Bach to normal. I slept in until 720 and scrambled for work. Luckily I'll be able to get a lunchtime workout in.

Since I'm working out today I didn't think that intermittent fasting would be he best idea. I was Kate so I had to wait until my hr commute was over to eat but for breakfast I had:

4 sweet potato onion jalapeño pork "meatballs" that I made by mushing all the chopping cooked ingredients together... They were amazing! And then

2 eggs scrambled with spinach

Large black ice coffee

I'm going to work out at 12 for about an hour. I've got a couple of eggs to eat before hand and then lunch when I get back to work will be:

Chili garlic sautéed string beans and zucchini

Some Nast leftover tahini crusted slow cooker chicken

Wooh if anyone sees a recipe for slow poker tahini chicken... Save yourself and don't make it. I love EVERYTHING and I'm telling you it was awful. But I'm not a food waster so it's getting eaten.

I almost crapped myself when I saw a jar of coco manna on the kitchen counter. My mom bought it..... The jaws theme tarted playing in my head. Get that Crap away from me! It's really not crap it's more like tiny angels playing harps in your mouth.... But I'm eliminating it for my whole 30 because I was using it to make fake me out desserts last time.

Tonight me and my bf are going to go out to eat. That will be an adventure by hey I won't complain about free food.

I got home from teaching last night around 830 and I unintentionally grazed on some nasty leftover chicken, kale chips, and my pork sweet potato meatballs as I was cooking them. I felt really gross and bloated after even though it was all healthy stuff.

So far the only triggers I've had are unexpected smells like cinnamon bread in our work kitchen. Even though I haven't eaten bread since February it made me want cinnamon and sweet stuff. Just walk away....

I have a canoe trip that all my friends are going to be plastered on in a week and a half. I know their all gonna call me out for not making the same choices as them but whatever.... I was drunk off my ass last year when we did this and I remember feeling sick for days from all the booze and crap we ate. So I guess all I have to think about is how I won't have to feel that way again :)

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For some reason I'm not hungry at all after my hour kickboxing class. I'm practically forcing myself to eat lunch just because the last time I ate was 9 am an it's 2 pm now. Wonder why or if there is anything weird about that. Want to make sure I get nutrition I need . Shouls I just not eat if ideal that way again, or force myself to?

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Ugh so today is day 4. I was actually able to fall asleep last night around 10:45 within about ten minutes. And somehow managed to get out of bed at 5:45 today.

So yesterday I think I wasn't hungry because straight up that tahini chicken was disgusting. I ate all the vegetables and then went to chipotle and got the pork carnitas on salad with tomatoes, medium and hot salsa, and guac. No soybean oil in any of that! I ate that around 3. Then around 7 I went to an Indian restaurant with my boyfriend. I think they were laughing at me the whole time.... Silly white girl doesn't know how to eat Indian..... Because I ordered the lamb vindaloo after making sure the ingredients were ok. They give you a small pot of it to spoon onto your naan and rice and I had left both completely untouched. The raita was smiling at me menacingly ...

So probably not the best idea to get Indian when you're not eating any carbs so help absorb all that slice. I definitely was suffering within an hour.

So for breakfast today I have about 4 leftover pork sweet potato meatballs and some butternut squash with onion and spinach.

For lunch I've got some flavorless sweet potato hash and a green pepper from my garden + one boiled egg.

I think for dinner I'll have a compliant beef chorizo link with some sautéed vegetables.

I just can't wait for this inflammation to go away and my neck and back stop hurting! I feel like in the couple weeks since my lazy whole 30 I aged 10 years in terms of joint pain. Ugh!

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Best invention ever....

I thought my lunch was gross and boring. I had no time to cook last night and had leftover sweet potato has someone on my family made ( no flavor.... Beef over cooked ) I grabbed an avocado and a pepper my boyfriend "destroyed" picking on y way out door. The top was ripped out of it.

I stuffed the has and mashed some avocado into the huge green pepper and heated it up shortly. It was amazing! Never would have thought to stuff raw green peppers. It was like an amazing wrap! Glad I somehow managed to have a yummy lunch when it didn't seem so at first.

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So I'm concluding that life never goes as planned.  I intended to eat dinner at 5 tonight and then go teach martial arts until 7:15 and then train. Apparently I'm teaching the 7:15 class and had nooo idea.  I had ZERO energy to teach. In fact I've never been so lazy. I think I basically drilled everyone and then barely did what I had to in the way of demonstration.  I am HOPING that I just am really sore from my first time working out in over two weeks yesterday.  All my joints feel funny and I feel inflexible and like I aged ten years since my Whole30 a few weeks ago. Thank god I keep exercise logs so I can look back and say "No, you felt like you were going to die last time you took a break so this is normal..."


I ended up eating maybe 4-6 oz of some kind of bbq pork that was compliant with a few kale chips and some blackberries and a few pieces of cantalope (I'm talking less then half a cup of fruit total.)  I know I should have had more veggies, especially probably starchy....but I just couldn't do it. 


I'm supposed to wake up at 5:30 AM for a morning class but I'm already debating if I should just go get sweaty and disgusting in the PM before the class I have to teach..... I don't know if I will survive the AM class.  I seriously hate how out of shape I magically got in two weeks. Go from working out 7-12 hours in a week to not working out at all for a couple weeks and you feel like crap.


I didn't have too much to work with but for breakfast I have jalepeno mango chicken sausage with sauteed spinach, egg, yellow pepper, and avacado.  and for lunch I've got sweet pea pod things with probably 3 oz of berries and cantaloupe and 6 oz of sauteed beef chorizo links. Probbbbably not enough food. But I'm too lazy to cook anymore.


So far I've been standing strong...I admit I did eat like 1 tspn of coco butter yesterday and today but I am refusing point blank to let myself eat any nuts.  I think they also might be irritating my gut.


Ughhh so tomorrow will be day 5. My face is starting to break out from the sugar detox..... lovely.  Why do I ever let myself go this far..... who knows

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So today is day 5.

My body feels like crap. I think the worst I've ever felt in my born again healthy person life.  All of my joints, especially my knees and hips are KILLING ME. I've only done 1 hour of intense exercise, two days ago, after my two week haitus. It's not the good sore muscle feeling, more like sore joints and tight muscles that ache. 


My face was starting to break out last night but I think I managed to fight it off a little.


My plans to work out at 5:30 this morning were crushed and I am debating if I'm even going to go tonight... I think I might put on some weighted shoes and go on a couple mile walk instead. I don't think I have the energy for a kickboxing class.


For breakfast I had:

3 eggs scrambled w/spinach, yellow pepper, and avacado

1/2 a banana


I really don't like to eat bananas when I'm being healthy becuase of the sugar but I had no starchy veggies at all.


Lunch will be:

Sweet pea pods (3/4 cup) with some beef chorizo links (1.5) and maybe 1/3 a cupe of black berries and cantaloupe. And about a half cup of sauteed spinach and yellow pepper.


I'm not sure what I'm going to do for dinner tonight after classes. Will cross that bridge when I get to it.


With my parents out for the weekend I have to pick all of the recipes and do the shopping for the week. Not that I'm complaining but that will be fun in the like 2 hours of freetime I have to do it....  I wish I could be less complicated but I like recipes that are always much more complicated than everyone else. Sooo hopefully I can tone things down and get what I need to down.


I'm really hoping that this joint pain and muscle tightness goes away. Maybe I can do some hot yoga or something that will help. Or go get a massage sometime next week. Ugh.

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Sooo I had a long entry typed out that never submitted yesterday.


Yesterday I ATE perfect...... but I am sick as hell today.  I'm coming to the conclusion that working five jobs isn't going so good for me.  I had to run testing at my school for 4 hours screaming at the top of my lungs and hopping around demonstrating.  I don't know how musical performers do it..... but then again they aren't on stage for 4 hours.  It's like literally screaming and "dancing" AKA acting animated and demonstrating material.  By the time my bar shift started I had a migraine and felt like I was going to puke.  I woke up today sick as hell with my throat killing me and coughing up green stuff.  Kind of annoying becuase I've been eating healthy so I don't feel like I should get sick.


Today so far all I've had is some coffee with coconut oil becuase I'm just not hungry. When I get back from teaching I'm going to try and make myself eat some eggs and veggies.


I've been TRYING all weekend to prep for this week. Of course I asked my brother to depit a bag of cherries for some nom nom paleo cherry bbq flank steak skewers and what does he do....remove all the stems but leave the pits.  Soo my attempts to make sauces and various things have not been going as well as liked.  I will keep trying though!

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Soooo I'm on dayyyy....8? I think. I got really sick due to extreme work conditions. Today I woke up feeling better. I got the jawbone up app and I love it for tracking my food and activity. Although I now it probably won't be accurate for martial arts.

It's getting easier to cook for my family instead of just me. For breakfast I had:

Leftover pork shoulder roast and tomato with a fried egg over mashed acorn squash with some peach BBQ sauce I made .

Lunch was 3 chicken drumsticks ( nom nom damn fine chicken ) and a cup of veggie stir fry I had made. And half a cucumber.

Tonight we've got ground beef and chicken chocolatw chili from I think clothes that make the girl.

As bad as this sounds I think I'm gonna gluten bomb myself when this is over ( not immediately, more like a week after ) just because there is a cupcake I think I might actually die if I don't try and it's only available on August... Yes I know I'm going to paleo hell

But anyway I feel mostly better. I don't know if I lost the bloat and minor weight I gained from y off road because I've actually followed the program and stayed off a scale and Kaye's off the measuring tape. I haven't been working out at all though like I normally obsessively am.

One good thing is I have a feeling that I have a sensitivity to just just because I went crazy with them after whole 30 x 2 and I noticed a drastic difference in my appearance when binging on jus as opposed to binging on chocolate or ice cream. Sooo we hall see when I reintroduce food groups.

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Sooo today/ tonight I almost sort of broke the program! I was seriously craving something sweet and I was going to make the 21 day sugar detox approved pumpkin mug cake from paleomg. I was like yes..... Nooooo. Yes..... Noooo. This was as I was eating the chocolate chili from clothesthatmakethebgirl.... Which by the way was disgusting and flavorless. I followed the recipe exactly and it tasted nothing... Had to massively overhaul with spices. Anyway. I was about to do it but I thought to myself that's already ate too many of those food groups so I didn't want to. Went to teach classes tonight and came back and made the chili lime sauce from nom nom paleo for wings tomorrow, and some salsa from her I pad app., and some carrot cabbage tangy apple cider slaw. I couldn't stop thinking about how I wanted something dessertish. I almost did it again but then decided paleo pancakes would be less offensive. I was about to make them and them instead took a bite of the banana and then put it in the freezer. I ended up binging on like 4 prices of bacon and some more chili and cabbage at 930 tonight but I suppose that is better than eating dessert. Sucks I had to eat my way out of a craving ( albeit much more nutritionally dense) then talk myself out.

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Soooo I'm on day 11 right now. I've had multiple almost break downs of eating something I'm not supposed to. Mainly sugar related. A few times I've eaten fruit shortly after dinner be size I think it's better to do that then to break and eat dessert. At most it was a couple bites of a frozen banana. Anyway. Lunch today was good. I've been hungrier than usual. Tonight for dinner I'm doing Mexican braised beef and some other yummy things . I rode my bike six miles to the slug line and back the other day for work and it made me starving!! I think next whole 30 I'll eliminate coffee :(


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