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Torturing slugs with podcasts


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So for anyone who doesn't know, a slug is a commuter who gets a free ride. Usually a driver will pick up two to meet the HOV requirements...

Lately I've been getting looks of disgust and annoyed comments because I choose to play podcasts on my commute instead of crappy news or music. I try to spread the word...


Does anyone have any recipes for kale chips that don't involve a dehydrator and travel well? I've got a road trip and I won't have access to a kitchen for 36 hours. I have no problem with meat and starchy veggies sync. But trying to keep green in ways that won't go bad has been am issue. Any recommendations for recipes for green that can survive a cooler for a day or so? Thanks!

Ps great podcasts ice been enjoying lately are balanced bites, paleo hacks, and bulletproof. Awesomeness!

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You can make kale chips in the oven (not sure of the process, I've got a dehydrator)

Salads would likely last a couple of days if your cooler is really cold (with ice bricks). You could grill zucchini/capsicum/mushrooms etc.

or take whole vegies and just go raw for a few days :)

Would you have access to shops?

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