26 days down, down here in New Zealand


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Well it's already Friday down here in the Southern Hemisphere, and one more weekend to go through to end of our Whole30.  My partner and I wanted to do this mostly for our training - we train for Ironman.  My partner has found his energy lacking despite adding an extra meal, and gone from 2.5 hour runs, to struggling with half and hour so decided to have some oatmeal yesterday..  aahhh - I know!!  Felt crummy - but we knew that!!

I think I may have to focus more on changing my habits from Day 31, as I keep looking forward to going out for a coffee... and a raspberry and white chocolate muffin... but then I stop - don't really need or want it.  Starting new job in a new town next week away form my partner catching up with old friends, so may pose a challenge, but I know that my stomach, my skin and my energy levels are so much improved I will think twice before diving back into any bad choices!  

Will update in a few days with results...!!

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Thankyou Renee, yes have been trying to get more down him at every meal!!  And been having smoothies with berries, homemade almond milk, coconut oil and coconut cream in it now too.

Day 1 now of post W30, I am going to try and carry on a bit longer - especially with the no sugar (and alcohol) thing as long as I can, and really not feeling like going out and getting a big ice-cream or loaf of bread - so I won't!  

Staying with friends from next week too so will see how I go with cooking in their kitchen.  I only lost just over 1kg but lost 4cm of my waist, 2cm off my chest and 4cm off my hips and pretty sure most of that was my 1st week.

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