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My "Dear John" Letter


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     Dear Dairy and Sugar,

     It's not you, it's me.

     Well, actually, it IS you. It's over between us and I feel so much better without you.

     Best wishes,




Post Whole 30 Report:


I completed my whole 30 about a week and a half ago and the first thing I reintroduced was dairy... whole milk in my coffee.  I didn't like it!  And I felt lousy after I drank it.  My neck, arm, and shoulder pain returned after about 3 days of having milk and cheese. And my fingers swelled up. Not worth it on a regular basis!  I may indulge in ice cream on my vacation but dairy will no longer be a regular part of my life.


Sugar:  Forget about it!  (See Above) In addition, I had that mid afternoon crash I haven't had in weeks.  And I couldn't sleep.


Grains:  The only thing I'm interested in reintroducing is corn...fresh corn on the cob is sooooooo yummy and plentiful right now.  I may reintroduce some other grains after vacation, or maybe not.  I'm afraid they may trigger sugar cravings and I want no part of those ever again!!!









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@mary...I know!  It really is amazing.  Interestingly enough, months ago my chiropractor said she thought my issue was dairy but I was in total denial, thinking I could not survive without it.  Well, guess what?  I CAN! 

Besides feeling so much better physically, what I REALLY like is knowing that food no longer has power over me.  I have lived so long being a slave to whatever was calling to me from the cupboard or the fridge.  It feels like I have finally broken free and it is a powerful, fabulous feeling.  :lol:

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