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egg + coconut flour

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Guys, I'm of the personal opinion (read: PERSONAL) that there's nothing wrong with this (in the same way we allow Pure Wraps), but I've put in for official word and I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.

Robin, (and I'm asking more from an educational perspective and not to be argumentative), this seems to be made pretty clear in http://whole9life.com/2013/06/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/.  If you look under Coconut Flour, it says not to use it to make pancakes. 

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GFChris - There was no fruit in the shredded meat Nom Nom recipe either :)

Oops ... my mistake ... I thought I saw bananas in the Nom Nom coconut pancakes recipe. 

Thanks for getting the official word, Robin!  :)

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Since we the attn of 2 mods I just wanted to tell this little tale about allowed and SWYPO foods and how it applies in real life....

I have a friend that has had full gastric by-pass, lost 100 lbs, then spent $60K on every plastic surgery to nip and tuck everything only to gain about 120++ lbs back in the course of two years!!!

She recently underwent a second procedure " lapband" (?? I thought everything was already chopped and cut???).

Crying shame I bought her ISWF and have tried in vain for her to see the light, but she wants a magic potion...

OK to the point: recently had dinner with her, she grilled shrimp, zucchini,peppers,eggplant. No oil at all ( boring) but so for so good. Steamed spaghetti squash and marinara ( pomi tomatoes,basil,garlic). All perfectly allowable for me under a W30

It wasn't until I watched her eat that it dawned on me.... She had recreated a dish from an Italian bistro.... Got out a big pasta bowl, placed the spaghetti squash on the bottom, arranged her shrimp and veg, covered with marinara and then parm.....

Ok the parm is a w30 no no ( she's not on W30).

But I wish you could have seen the way she emulated twirling it on a spoon and fork just like real pasta, closing her eyes and telling herself it was real pasta, it was heart breaking!!!! She could not just enjoy the fact that there was some really yummy and healthy foods on her plate, she was coveting real pasta!!!

What I took away from this was to ask myself: Am I coveting unhealthy foods and unhealthy old habits??? Am I allowing myself just to enjoy all the tastes and textures real whole foods offer or am I trying to fill an emotional black hole with a paleofied something or other....

So even post w30..... If tostadas, or pancakes, or even in this example plain spaghetti squash marinara..... Puts you in a unhealthy emotional state, walk away....

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