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Third Time's the Charm


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I'm on day 7 of my 3rd Whole30. The first 2 didn't go so well. For whatever reason, the first time, I REALLY thought I could do it while continuing to drink soda... full HFCS soda. Let me tell you, it's quite difficult to tame the sugar beast while still consuming sugar. :P  The 2nd attempt was with a group of Instagrammers. It was going quite well - until week 2. They all hit the wall and quit. I soldiered on for a few more days then hit a major stress event and went running back to soda.


So, here I am. Day 7, attempt 3.  I'm feeling okay. I actually slept well last night but a headache has been growing all day. I'm not sure why. I feel out-of-sorts too. I'm wondering if I need some carbs like sweet potatoes or squash. Sadly, I can't stand the smell/taste/texture of sweet potatoes - they are just too sweet. My energy is still low-ish. I did go for a nice walk before work this morning. But right now, I'd love a nap.


I'm excited to pick up some locally raised protein tomorrow. A friend and I went halfsies on 50 meat birds. She's been raising them in her yard - free-range, organic, grain-free, antibiotic free.  I see roasted chicken and lots of bone broth in my future. 


Also, I'm getting a few pounds of pork belly (pre-sliced, not cured or seasoned) tomorrow - can't wait to make sugar-free bacon. The hogs were raised free-range on a dairy farm - so they've been enjoying bovine milk. I'm not sure how that fits into the paleo scheme, but the pork is very tasty!


2 things that have helped this time around were getting the book and subscribing to the daily emails. I'll keep the journal going as I have no IRL support - just my dear kiddos and while they're great people, they do still eat sugar, pb&js and soda. Oddly, I haven't wanted any of it this time. All I've had a craving for has been steak. :D

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Day 11. Got thru the weekend just fine - even with going to the movies. The old me would've NEEDED a vat of soda, popcorn and milk duds. I picked a mid-afternoon movie when I knew I wouldn't be tempted (not even slightly! How awesome is that!!).  So, just another proof to myself that this 100% lifestyle is maintanable.  When I was "mostly" Paleo, I was still drinking soda - which set off binges for other sugary things.  I haven't had a single sugar craving (but I'm sure it'll happen.)


My sleep is still not great. Waking up and staying awake for a few hours doesn't mean a restful night. Hoping that changes soon.

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I slept so much better last night. My overall energy is still just okay - nothing earth shattering yet.


I have noticed one thing that at first, puzzled me.... I'm sleeping on my back!  I've been a side sleeper almost all of my adult life. Sleeping on my back meant I'd wake up with a mouth full of stomach acid - yuck!  So, I learned to sleep on my side.


I've woken up several times this week ON MY BACK with no heartburn, no acid, nothing. At first, it was really odd and I quickly flipped to my side. But, the more it happens, the more I realize it's going to be just fine to sleep that way. Sleeping will be a relief now, not an exercise in coughing, sputtering and eating a ton of Tums. This is revolutionary!


I definitely have the hang of what to make for my meals. It's become quite automatic. However (and this happened the last time too), I've WAY underestimated the volume of veggies to buy/keep on hand. Since I have 5 kids at home eating 3x a day too, we are going through veggies at an alarming rate. I'm not complaining, but I am hitting the farmer's market and grocery store 3-4x a week. I almost feel like I could use a 2nd fridge too - the shear volume is staggering! The fridge is packed full of: veggies (some raw, some pre-steamed), fruit, cooked protein and eggs.


We have our own flock of chickens so we always have at least 6 dozen eggs washed & in the fridge at all times. Yes, I know, I don't have to refrigerate fresh eggs, but it helps to tell the difference between unwashed & washed (older eggs need to be eaten first, and they're washed and ready.)  We collect eggs daily, but only wash a few times a week, rotating them in.


If anybody has tips on juggling all these veggies, I'd love to hear it! :D

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Day 26 - It's gotten super easy to figure out what to eat and when. I am truly hungry when I eat and satisfied when I'm done. That's an amazing feeling. 


At my desk at work, I've been keeping track of everytime I've wanted a soda - so far, 241 hashtags. Work stress really affects this craving. Outside of work, I never think about it. I've been trying to find other ways to deal with the stress but it's a fairly new job so I do think it's bound to be stressful. I'm more mindful of my reaction to the stress. Changing that has helped immensley.


My 1 pair of work pants are just sloshing around my waist. Definitely time to buy new ones - but being the cheapo that I am, I almost hate to invest in something I won't wear for long. I'll look at the resale shops - and trade in all the too-big stuff. :D


My sleeping is still hit or miss. I want to wake up feeling refreshed. Still hasn't happened. Insomnia lurks. I'm taking magnesium now. I'm not sure why sleep is so elusive, but I want to figure it out!


I haven't said much about digestive issues, but they were definitely there! I had my gall bladder removed10 years ago - worst decision ever! Food just runs through me. I added Now Foods Super Enzymes and noticed a big improvement. I think doing nearly 100% raw veggies the first week wasn't the best idea. It was one of those "DOH!" moments. So, I started cooking/sauteing/steaming to give my innards a break. That helped too.


As I approach Day 30, I'm not quitting. There's nothing I want to re-introduce. I KNOW my trigger foods and I prefer to just keep it that way. No sense in upsetting what I've started. Plus, I just think my body needs more time than 30 days to get straightened out. Obviously, I'm doing better, but I feel like I could be SO MUCH BETTER!! So, onward to better health.


I have noticed that I don't get those late afternoons yawns. Everybody else in the office seems to slump off between 3-4pm. Not me. Still just chugging away. That's one of the bonuses about this that I love!

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SUCCESS!!! Cue the Hallelujah Chorus!!

Stats: down 12.5 pounds & 11 inches overall. Sleeping better. Zero desire to eat gluten ever again. Sugar dragon is dead.

My #1 goal was to shrink my belly. I'm well on my way to getting to a normal waist size. Yes, I have a ways to go but I'm actually ON THE PATH!!

Whole 30 continues on for me. I have some other issue left to work on. The best way to support myself is with the best food possible. This is what matters most.


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Way to go, awesome work. Beware of that Sugar Dragon though and don't become complacent. I too am still travelling along on my extended Whole 30.

Great that you noticed when you wanted soda.

Keep up the great work and keep updating with your progress.


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