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My day 4 - not so fun...

Jenny C.

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Quick overview:

Day 1 - no problem

Day 2 - brain fog and constipation

Day 3 - I felt great -- for some reason

Day 4 - same as day 2, but worse ...and that's where I am right now :(

The constipation seems to be the key to how I feel. It did not start w/ the Whole 30. It's an old "friend." I'm hoping this will help with the constipation and brain fog. But I know it takes time.

I tried to eat less today than the last 3 days. I think I've been eating too much. Here's what I had today:

Pre-meal 1- 1 cup of coffee and a banana

2.5 mile run

meal 1 - a bowl of sweet potato/green pepper/ground beef hash w/ a fried egg on top

Blended up frozen blueberries/coconut milk/ 1/2 a banana (I was craving something sweet)

Meal 2 - a salad w/ a can of tuna fish in H20 and avocado salad dressing

Snack (that didn't quite get me thru, so I had some cherries and carrots)

Meal 3 - omelet (1 whole egg, 2 egg whites) w/ some turkey in it and some yellow squash sautéed in coconut oil

Honestly, maybe that's still too much. I have no idea. :( (I hope tomorrow is better. Today I feel yucky and sad.)

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You are not eating too much! I eat a lot more than you, and I'm not a runner. I have a few suggestions...ditch the fruit in the morning, and especially the little smoothie. If you are craving something sweet, the worst thing you can do is give in. I don't recall the exact recommendations for a pre-WO meal, but I know it doesn't include fruit. Personally I have a hard-boiled egg. It looks like you could stand to add a lot more vegetables, especially at breakfast and dinner. Your snack should not be fruit and vegetables; it should be a balanced mini-meal containing protein, fat, and veg. And at dinner 3 whole eggs would be best, not egg whites. I would guess the fat you're eating is at the lower end of the recommendations too. I don't know that the food could be causing you to feel yucky and sad, but you certainly shouldn't be worrying about reducing the amount you're eating. I hope you feel better tomorrow!

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^ that.

That you had to snack tells you something. That you were craving sweet tells you something.

I felt like crap for about 6 days, and came from already having a pretty clean diet. I attribute my general "blah", lethargic feeling to my body not being accustomed to using fat as energy, as we ate a lot higher carb, lower fat. It went away! I think most people experience a few days of feeling rubbish :)

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Day #4 was the worst for me, too.  I was hungry all day, craving sweets (battling that sugar dragon), and felt disgusting.  


Just keep pushing through!  Once I got over the fourth day, was more attentive to ensuring that I got enough sleep, and learned more about meal portions, the rest was a breeze.  


Make sure that you're sleeping enough, as sleep deprivation often leads to seeking sources for energy (and remember, our bodies have been programmed to use carbohydrates as energy).  I used to crave carbohydrates when I was tired; my body was seeking the kind of fuel that I used to give it for energy.


I can absolutely tell a difference now, on day twenty-three;  my body is transitioning from burning carbohydrates to burning fat.  Not only is this improving my physique, but it is also contributing to making me feel so much better.  No energy roller coasters. No 3pm slump.  No feeling like I'm going to pass out if I miss a meal.  It's great.


Your body is probably just adapting to the new, more efficient use of energy.  Stick with it!  I promise, you'll be happy that you did.  ;)

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Guest allonestring

I wander if your choice of fruit/veg is contributing to the constipation; maybe a couple of days without sweet potato, squash and bananas might help. And, are you drinking enough fluid.

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Thank you all for the feedback. These forums have been unbelievably helpful.


Here's an update based on your feedback:

1. I'm definitely re-examining my pre-WO food. No more coffee and banana. Today I had tuna and avocado. (Sort of a strange combo, but I felt good(ish) for my run afterward.


2. No, I did NOT eat enough yesterday. I was hungry last night, which got in the way of my sleep. Both are bad. I know. No more getting rid of egg yolks. And I need to do better following the planning template. It was all too much to take in at first. I'm ready to focus more on amounts now that I'm getting comfortable with the "whats."


3. I need to drink more fluids. I'm carrying a bottle of water around with me all day. But that's not really drinking it, is it? I just get so caught up in what I'm doing at work that I forget to drink. I need to set a goal -- maybe a bottle of water every two hours or something. And maybe I should keep a log for awhile to hold myself accountable.


3dayevent -- Thank you for your post. I wish there were a forum that was called, "Horror stories of the first 10 days." I am a marathon runner, but this week I feel like I can't move! I only ran 3 miles this morning and felt like I was running through sludge! I need the constant reminder that the start of this is the hardest part -- and that it gets better.


Thanks, everyone. :)

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