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My go-to stirfry recipe


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This is what I make when I don't want to think of what to make. There's this one stand at the farmer's market that sells the most amazing broccoli, so I get some every week. Lately it hasn't been in large heads anymore, but has been in small florettes that are almost the size I'd cut them for a stirfry, and I love broccoli in stirfries, so that's usually how it gets used.


1/2-3/4 lb. meat of choice. You can cut strips of steak or chicken and sear it really quick in a hot pan, but I usually just end up making some Damn Fine Chicken in the toaster oven while I cook the veggies on the stove.

1 lb. broccoli

3 large carrots

2 bunches of scallions

1 cup bone broth

2 heaping tsp. arrowroot powder

1 tbs. Red Boat Fish Sauce

2 tbs. coconut aminos

1 tbs. rice vinegar

salt and pepper


Cut the broccoli into large florettes and blanch quickly in boiling water for 1 to 1.5 minutes and then shock in ice water. Use a potato peeler to peel the carrots, then holding the fat end of the carrot, run the peeler down the same side of the carrot, pushing hard, several times to make ribbons. About halfway through the carrot, flip it over and repeat on the other side. Cut the roots off the scallions, then cut the white and light green parts into 1 inch pieces. Chop the green parts for garnish.


Sautee the veggies in your fat of choice until warm and just beginning to soften and add the thinly sliced meat if using. Mix the bone broth, arrowroot powder, fish sauce, coconut aminos and rice vinegar together (make sure the bone broth is cold so the arrowroot powder dissolves) and then pour over the veggies. Let the sauce thicken and toss the veggies in it. If you cooked thinly sliced meat to mix in, do so at the end and toss it with the sauce until it's warmed through.


Garnish with sesame seeds and scallion greens.

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