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Starting August 1st

myoho jewell

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Welcome, Myoho. There's no doubt that planning is the key. I envy you your garden and local farms. I live in a flat in the middle of a city :( so microgreens on the windowsill is as much as I can manage. good luck

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Day 1: what I ate:


2 Poached eggs & slice bacon with black coffee for breakfast

Lunch: roasted jerk chicken drumsticks & a side of roasted squash and peppers from the garden

Dinner: grilled steak on a bed roasted beets and greens.  Used salsa for salad dressing - I'm trying to get more vegetables onto my plate


Lots of water, and a glass of kombucha with dinner.


I felt great this morning, it's now 1:30 and I have a bit of a headache, but not bad.

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