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Swimming in chlorine and bloating?

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I am not sure where this post should go so I hope its not in the wrong forum. 


Swimming is one form of exercise I really enjoy - there is a pool next to my house, its free, and its easy for me to fit into my busy work schedule. But when I go swimming in chlorinated pools, I get bloated and gassy. I've read online that chlorine can lead to candida overgrowth which in turn can cause bloat and gas: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/chlorine-immune-system.htm


I was just wondering if anyone here has experienced a similar issue and is aware of this link? I feel like the combined knowledge of this board rivals any GI doctor so I wanted to ask here first! I have had a history with candida and its very very hard to get rid of. I am hoping that after eating cleaner and getting my digestive system back on track, I can start swimming again without risking the return of candida taking over my life. 

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