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integral bread


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I would like to know if i can eat integral bread... as it's not a processed gran, there is any problem with it?


and why?


All grains are removed for a Whole30. No exceptions.


If you are not on a Whole30 you can eat whatever you want.

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exactly what Physibeth said - there are zero grains allowed during a whole30, processed or not (that includes, rice, oats, corn, etc).


even if you were to find a bread made from all compliant ingredients it would still not be allowed during a whole30. this process is considered "Paleo-fying" foods - trying to create a food with compliant ingredients that no longer resembles the food you started with. it is about changing our relationship with food and how we think to eat. using things like paleo bread basically push other healthy foods off our plate - foods like veggies.


so for just 30 days!

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