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Snow30, round 2


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I'm gearing up to start my second Whole30, also my first one that I intend to actually follow!  I started one in June with the idea that I was going to cheat a couple times.  My main focus at the time was to get my primal diet back on track.  I've been living with tennis elbow in both arms since last fall (a hardcore knitting injury).  This does not feel good.  What does feel good: Chocolate.  It started with a square of dark Valrhona but devolved into 2-3 chocolate bars a day.  Okay, that was a bit out of control!  I just wanted to reign it in, but I also wanted freedom to do what I wanted on a special occasion that was coming up.  


A week into this, I finally heard "you're making progress" from my physical therapist.  Did not expect that at all.  


What I learned was that something in Trader Joe's gluten-free cupcakes makes me feel sick to my stomach, and also brings on pain in my arms.  I can't pinpoint the ingredient but those are not agreeing with me.  I had them twice and got the same results.  I also learned that dairy contributes to my migraines and also sets off my seasonal allergies.  I knew dairy could make me look pregnant but I had never before noticed my face getting congested within minutes of eating it.  Probably because I ate it on a regular basis.  It gives me a brain fog and makes me feel a little sleepy, similar to my reaction to gluten on a smaller scale.  (I was already aware of the gluten thing.)  Okay, dairy is not my friend!  Scandinavian genes, you have completely failed me here!  


I successfully killed my chocolate habit.  I still love chocolate but haven't had a chocolate bar in over a month, and I'm not pining away for one either.  My sugar tolerance went waaaaay down.  Trader Joe's applewood-smoked bacon, which I used to love, now tastes like revolting, sickeningly sweet meat candy.  I can handle about one gluten-free cupcake at a time (just not from Trader Joe's).  Even half of a second one makes me feel gross.  I can't eat whatever that sweet red sauce is that goes on sushi.  It's way too sweet now.  And I met my first big weight loss goal, which I'd been trying to reach for twenty years -- get back down to the weight I was the morning my first child was born.  


Unfortunately, So Delicious Mint & Chip "ice cream" does not taste too sweet and I can easily down a pint!  And this right here is why I'm doing Whole30 #2.  Also, I have two arms mostly out of commission and a broken toe, so I am in need of a hobby.  May as well make it something that will contribute to recovery.


Not sure I'll be tracking my food every single day, but I need all the help I can get to stay on track, and this just may help.  


August 1, this is happening!  With no cheating this time!  

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