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Antibiotics and W30


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Hi there -

On day 28 of my W30 and doing great! However, I caught a cold last week and it's developed into bronchitis and a sinus infection. Doc prescribed antibiotics (Augmentin) to me today. Ugh...I hate antibiotics.

A yeast infection is something I definitely don't want to get, so my doc told me to either eat yogurt or take a probiotic over these next 10 days. Obvs, I would prefer to not eat yogurt this far into my Whole30.

Any ladies had successful bouts w antibiotics, and what probiotics did you take?


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I haven't had experience with antibiotics while on W30.  I do have experience with probiotics.  I had one called VSL3 from behind the pharmacy counter.  I didn't find it all that useful and it was pricey.  It does have billions of organisms.


Kombucha, water kefir, and coconut kefir may be useful.  I think they are all OK as long as there is no sugar added beyond what was needed to feed the organism.


I don't know if they help in this case, but I think they would.  Live fermented foods are probably an option.  Things like sauerkraut, as long as they are alive, are full of good stuff.  I just bought one that has citrus and ginger and it is fun.  Eating it cold has been weird for me and this flavor works.  Look in the refrigerated section of a store like Sprouts or Whole Foods and check to see that it is raw.


Bone broth is also really amazing.  It may soothe your airway and throat to drink it hot and it is good for the belly.


I am so sorry you are sick and need the antibiotics.  I hope you heal quickly.


You might also search the forum for "antibiotics."  I saw a reply from Tom Denham once.  And, others will probably reply tomorrow with more experience.

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I took antibiotics on one of my Whole30s.  They did knock me out (I think I took augmentin, coincidentally) and I needed a lot of rest.  But eating Whole30 seemed to keep my body truckin' along.  I think Tom did recommend some probiotics, but I didn't pursue it because, frankly, just eating Whole30 felt better for me than antibiotics plus my former diet plus yogurt.  If that makes sense.


I remember needing a lot of rest.  Those meds hit my system with an intensity that they hadn't before I started eating clean.  The good news, of course, was that they actually WORKED. 


Hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks for the tips guys!   :) 


I totally spaced about Kombucha…awesome idea.


I also saw a post in here about drinking a cup of hot water and putting 2 tbps of apple cider vinegar in to help out with the cold.  Gonna try that out tonight.

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