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Happy Healthy Housewife - Whole30 #1


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This is where I'm going to record all my stuff during my whole 30.  I'd intended to start august 1st, but my hubby is off work tomorrow and Thursday, so I'm starting tomorrow so he's here to watch the kids if the detox symptoms absolutely suck.  :)  Here's to tomorrow!

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Day 1. 2:35 pm. The headache has already set in. Boooo. Woke up this morning and did my last weigh in for a month. 228.4 lbs.

My goals for my whole30 are:

-slay the sugar dragon

-better my mental health through healthy foods

-improve my sleep habits and hopefully combat or lessen daytime fatigue

-lose a few pounds

My diet prior to today consisted of Body by vi shakes for breakfast. Lunch was usually grilled cheese sandwiches or crackers and cheese and a fruit. Dinner was mostly always some meat, quinoa or rice and a veggie. My meals weren't horribly bad it was all of the snacks and drinks. I would dronk at least a can of Pepsi a day, couple big glasses of sweetened iced tea, chocolate chips, crackers, chips, trail mix with all the m&m's in there. It wouldn't be surprising if I sat down in the evening and polished of a full size bag of chips or cheesies. Then I'd lay in bed and wonder why I had such bad acid reflux. Duuuh!

I've had issues with anxiety for years and had panic attacks for about a year of that time. I tried treating it with supplements but I think my hormones etc were so out of whack because I'd been in a state of flight or fight for so long that it was just too hard. I started on cipralex and was able to get settled down on a dose of 15 mg. I cut out gluten and was able to decrease to 10 mg. I've been on an ld off the gluten wagon for a few weeks here and I can sure tell the difference. Mild anxiety and some random panic attacks. I'm hoping with whole30 I can achieve better mental clarity and calmness. :)

Oh and about me. I'm a 31 year old mom of two wonderful boys. Been married for almost 11 years. Life is grand. :)

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Breakfast: I sautéed a sliced apple in 2 tbsp ghee, poured on 2 scrambled eggs seasoned with cinnamon on nutmeg and cooked. It was delicious. Also had 2 whole30 compliant chicken sausages.

Lunch: we took a little road trip so I packed my lunch. Roasted chicken breast with raw veggies (baby carrots, cucumber, yellow pepper) sprinkled with some olive oil and balsamic vinegarette. Also some raw almond slivers

Headache really started to set in so I ate a banana hoping the potassium helped. I know snacks are not recommended but was better than a Pepsi :P

Dinner: I am making venison rosemary garlic sausages (we made these they are ok), roasted sweet potato with some coconut oil and steamed asparagus.

Tonight is going to be different. No snack before bed. I'm afraid I'm going to be really hungry since we eat at 4:30 or 5. Any advice?

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Your breakfast was lacking vegetables, and probably some fat!! It's not surprising you got a headache - try to eat lots of vegies, instead of fruit, and include some starchy ones.... The headaches are normal in the first few days, but really eating to the template helps.

If you're starving and need a snack, aim for a mini mean instead of fruit - you may need one after dinner depending on when you go to bed, so perhaps put aside a small portion of dinner (protein, fat and vegies) just in case!

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