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Best Salad Dressing Evah!


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I think I made the best salad dressing last night. I had some fresh red leaf lettuce. I bought unfiltered olive oil (it's evoo that hasn't been filtered, so it's more fungible than filtered and has a stronger taste). I thought I had balsamic in the cabinet, and we do have 2, both non-compliant (added sulfites....). So I'm thinking, what can I use? I reached for the Red Boat fish sauce. I love anchovies and sometimes have them on salad, so this was the next best thing. I add some to the salad (ok, I added a LOT). WOW this was great. The unfiltered olive oil has a slightly spicy black peppery taste to it and the fish sauce gave it a nice salty kick. I will be having this again. Maybe with some nice black olives. Yum.

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